World’s 13 Best Travel Blogs


Travel blogs are awesome, because they have the power to make you feel you were there and to do it so casually you’d be surprised you’re reading the experience rather than living it. All you will want to do is search quickly for the cheap air tickets and rush to for a vacation. It’s for this kind of magic I went cruising online to find the top 13 best travel blogs out there on the World Wide.


Find ‘em here from the 13th and on upwards (I like a good suspense build-up). They’re all awesome, so don’t assume the 13th blog is the worst while the 1st is the best, nonsense. Do check them all out. There’s no point skimming over the name of a travel blog, it’s the flesh in this fruit you need to drive your fangs into. Pardon that odd vampiric impulse on my part and read on…

13. The Aussie Nomad: With ace photos and smart advice, Chris Richardson has given an amazing yet simple twist to his blog. His blogging style is to the point and has some clever wit thrown in for good measure. Chris is well-traveled and his advice is pretty honest.

12. Beer and Beans: With a nice couple team-up like what Randy ad Beth have going for them, this travel blog is a feast for the senses. He’s a professional journalist and she’s a professional photographer, making the two of them wield a diverse blogging style that’s fun to read and is exceptional too.

11. The Planet D: Don’t always believe the Americans when they say Canadians are boring. What Deb and Dave have done with this blog is nothing short of an adventure thrill-rush. With a neat layout, very good travel advice and photos that’ll have you staring for a few seconds longer, this blog is A-awesome.

10. Canvas of Light: One helluva brilliant blog-theme and a blogging style just as great makes Daniel Nahabedian’s blog a must-read. The photos burst onto your senses, the tales and advice are clear and well-written and the man has a nice flair for the dramatic.

09. Freedonia Post: Amazing wordplay, cool modern-day literary connections and a fun blogging style make Joel Ward’s blog a riot-fest of humor, a thrill-ride of experiential value and one of the most honest travel blogs out there.

08. Two Backpackers: Taking the simple approach, Jason and Aracely have done a really good job with this one. Their advice helps ease your travel planning and their blogging style is practical and oftentimes brief. This makes them the go-to bloggers for those of you in a hurry to know something about your destination.

07. Bacon Is Magic: This interesting number by blogger Ayngelina Brogan combines a love for food and an eye for detail, making this blog one heavily fueled by passion. Her blogging style makes you feel you actually taste the stuff she describes which in itself is what makes this blog truly scrumptious.

06. Where Is Jenny?: Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of Jenny Leonard’s blog-name. What she’s achieved in here is nothing short of splendid. With a wonderful balance between maturity and youthfulness, this blog is done up in a style just as well balanced and packed with experienced know-how.

05. Wandering Earl: Details that capture your attention, pictures that show just how much fun a location is and a blogging style that’s quirky as well as fun, Derek Earl Baron gives ample proof that he loves to travel and you can feel the zeal in his writing.

04. Johnny Vagabond: When it comes to goosebump-inducing photos, a detailed blogging style with a sprinkle of casual, and a desire to show many another facet of how a location looks, Wes Nations has done a superb job with his blog where you’ll discover meaning wrapped inside fervor for travel.

03. Fox Nomad: All I can say is, this guy knows his stuff. From ace travel advice, amazing shots of locations he’s been to and a blogging style that grabs you and doesn’t soon let go, Anil Polat has transferred his love of the road to the digital interface.

02. Wandering Trader: Been there, seen that, wrote on this, enjoyed that… Well, what can I say, Marcello Arrambide deserves applause for a blogging style that both complements the snaps he takes and is also packed with details written in a calm-casual style.

01. Fevered Mutterings: Being a writer must have helped Mike Sowden transform his travel blog into an enchanting zone of experiences. He pens all sorts of topics on this blog, including some amazing travel sections you simply have to read to fully appreciate. In my opinion, the man’s got the potential to become a blogger-bestseller, if he isn’t so already.


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