Winter Makeup – Eyeliners and Eye-shadows For The Season


Not just any color will do for winter makeup. Yes, you can jazz it up and look your best with whatever eye makeup colors you already have in your vanity box, but you can look much better than even you can expect if you attempt branching out a little. In this post you’ll gain a good understanding of how to apply eye liners and eye shadows to use for winter and also some key steps on how to apply winter makeup, as a whole.

Eyeliner style

Winter Eye Makeup Tips – The Eyeliners

Depth and darkness, these are always trendy, even more so in wintertime. Hence your eye makeup must reflect these things. Kohl eyes crops to mind before any other hue. Chances are you already have some black eyeliners so get them out. The way to apply eye makeup even better is to try combos.

  • Go for some nice sensual light-brown in the inner regions while lining the exterior of your eyes with kohl. You create this beautiful earthy look that contrasts with the cold season and makes for a sexy eye makeup.
  • For teens and younger girls, nobody said a little color hurt. Go for apple-greens, azure-blues and lollipop-pinks for bright colored eye makeup. All of them highlight your eye rims and get the color of your eyes to stand out in their own right.
  • For women with more mature taste in eye liners opt for some gorgeous jungle-green eyeliners for party time and grey color pencils for more formal occasions. You’ll be the belle of the ball.
  • One of the best eye makeup tips is to opt for smudge proof eyeliners.

Colorful eyeshadows

Winter Eye Makeup Ideas – The Eye Shadows

One of the most handy eye makeup tips is to choose a light colored eye shadow.Light is the name of the game. The lighter the eye shadow the more ideally you can call attention to your liners this winter season while looking amazing.

  • Gunmetal grey is a certain kind of hue that works miracles for women of all ages. Not only does it fall into the ‘light’ category but it brings a much needed sense of dominant confidence you simply can’t find in other colors. As eye shadow, gunmetal grey is certain to make for a sexy eye makeup. You’ll soon be clothes shopping just to match it.
  • Smoky black is wonderful. That’s what you mean by Kohl eyes which is definitely a trend in eye makeup that will never fade. It’s a darker variation on the grey mentioned above. Try and keep it breezy black in texture and never ever lay it on too thick. You’ll end up looking like a raccoon or worse. So, no to jet-blacks and yes to lighter black eye shadows that sit elegantly on the area above your eyes.
  • For lighter eye makeup ideas opt for the classic skin-tone color of peach. It’s sensational, especially on middle aged women. You can wear this eye shadow and impart a sense of youthful eye makeup and wide-eyed elegance.
  • Feel like opting for a little more daring and colorful eye makeup? Nothing screams power like red. While it may seem too ‘hot’ for summer, it looks toasty warm for winter eye makeup. Combo it up using black or golden-yellow and you will look fantastic, especially at discos and events where dancing is all the rage.
  • Sparkly white and deep ‘ancient’ gold are other inspired choices for colored eye makeup.
  • Blue of all shades, especially when balanced well with your eye liner, will work beauty magic like none other.

colorful eye pencils

How To Apply Eye Makeup for Winters

Your eyes say a lot about who you are. Dressing it up with some fine makeup is sure to dazzle the world around you. Learning how to apply eye makeup for winter is an important step for any woman to take.

Step 1 – The Cover Step: Cover-up is great for getting ‘rid’ of blemishes, so start with this. If you’ve oily skin, do what you need to get it smooth again before applying cover-up, which for you could take powder form.

Step 2 – The Brow Step: Next attention spot will be your eyebrows which could do with some brushing. When it comes to coloring your brows choose hues that are at least three times lighter than your hair color. You’ll look awesome with it while balancing out your eyeliners and eye shadows. Apply with care, this is a sensitive step. This way you prevent a situation where your eye makeup can look, um, messy.

Step 3 – The Shadow Step: Apply eye shadow without going past the rim of your eyelid. There are usually three layers that go into creating your eye shadow so let’s leave it to you to decide what you want, how much of it you want and so on. Choose your eye color and get started.

Step 4 – The Liner Step: Only after the eye shadow should you pick up your liner. This is one eye makeup tip you should never miss. You’ll know how to apply eyeliners better than most other makeup or at least you’ll know someone close by who knows how to apply this. Again, choose your hues and get started.

Step 5 – The Rest of the Gang: Get those false eyelashes out, comb and curl to increase their volume, add blush to those cheekbones, get gloss on those lips and whatever else you have in mind to transform yourself into the very epitome of beauty.


Beautiful eye makeup

Good luck, have fun, send in your winter makeup ideas and stories to Lifestylerr with suggestions, if you have any. It could help others reading this post on winter makeup and enhance its value to new and old readers alike.

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