WeChat Contest– Tete-a-tete with Five Interesting Personalities


Some of the best conversations are varied, with everybody involved bringing their own signature elements to the table. With competent software like WeChat, there’s no end to the fun and sharing, especially if the following five were in on the chat. For all those who are yet to discover the endless benefits of WeChat over other apps, here’s an interesting clip.


Who Are They?

a. The character of Captain Jack Sparrow of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ fame (played by Johnny Depp).

b. Dan Brown, the conspiracy-loving author of ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Angels & Demons’ and ‘Inferno’.

c. Pope Benedict XVI, the progressive pope who recently resigned.

d. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States.

e. Miss Marple, one of Agatha Christie’s beloved female detective characters.

And, of course, me!

Why These Five?

Brining a rich diversity of thinking to this conversation, each of the five chosen above have differing opinions on a majority of things and different skill-sets to go with it. Such a setting makes for a ripe conversation or argument that can go on for hours without entering the realm of boredom.

Pope Benedict XVI has been known to defend many of the Catholic Church’s stances on all points, conspiracy or otherwise, leveled against them. Aside from that, he’s also made landmark announcements of the Church’s willingness to be a part of societal and scientific progress and that God exists in those fields as well, something his predecessors were averse to declare. He’s made statements on topics of celibacy, women priests and extraterrestrial life, all of which encourage a capable conversationalist like Dan Brown to get started on the historical facts he’s dug up in his many researches and demand questions tête-à-tête.


Seeing as how a lot of modern politics is involved and the conspiratorial role of America in Mr. Brown’s other novels—facts Dan affirms he found in the historical record—there’s no better mind to face those questions (and other more general ones) head on than the legendary Hilary Clinton who came so close to becoming the first ever female President of the United States. Her experience, past as well as present, will indeed be something to pay attention to.

Entering this game of wits, puzzles, lies, half-truths and mysteries is Miss Marple whose down-to-earth simplicity has proven, under prolific novelist Agatha Christie’s skilled hand, to have stamped solved to mysteries that at the outset seem impossible for human minds to comprehend. Her contribution to the ‘chat’ will connect dots that were right under everyone’s noses and she will have done it using ridiculously ordinary logic and incredible simplicity.

Jack Sparrow’s hilarious sometimes annoying habit of twisting words, playing tricks and throwing half-lies into his get-out-of-trouble schemes will keep everyone’s mind reeling with excitement as this ‘group chat’ turns into an argument, simmers into a conversation and progresses with its own up-and-down flow.

What Would We Talk About?

The conversation will begin with Dan Brown bringing up talk of his latest novel ‘Inferno’, which reads like a charm, draws a lot of inspiration from Dante’s infamous work ‘Inferno’ and puts Italy in a whole new light, including of course the Roman Catholic Church nestled inside Vatican City.

Obviously the topic will get heated with Pope Benedict defending the Church’s reasons where Dan puts forth a ‘conspiracy-point’—I hate spoilers, so I’m not going to get into specifics, go buy the book! Such talk leads to Dan Brown’s past work where he brought into light the whole ‘married Jesus’ idea.

There’s immense opportunity for these notions to change the face of politics today, and one of the governments who will sooner or later be embroiled in Brown’s flair for fact-driven danger is the United States. Taking the WeChat floor will be Hillary Clinton as she spouts the pros and cons of what such information can do to modern society and all the things we as human beings are not trying to change, all because of lack of cooperation between governments despite the people being willing.


"But if a conspiracy novel is what goaded all this talk of change, shouldn’t it be welcomed instead of cursed?" will begin Jack Sparrow’s own version of reasoning as he completes his ‘punch’ with, "If what caused the problem is the solution, then the solution, by extension, has made away with the problem, savvy?"

This is where a poised Miss Marple enters our group chat bringing with her that matronly air of calm observation and pinpoints the very root of the problem, namely the desire for all governments to be the first past the ‘finish line’. And because they all have the means to do it and make society better they, for some stupid reason, prefer to sabotage each other instead, keep each other from winning, so nobody gets the ‘prize’ which could be anything from global happiness to world peace.

At this fortuitous moment—sarcasm intended—I plan on opening WeChat to join my friends late into their conversation only to realize this is one instance where I’d have been better off joining never than late!

Nearing The End of Our WeChat Session…

Who will resolve it all? Will there be an answer at all? That depends on what Dan Brown pinpoints, Pope Benedict defends, Hillary Clinton explains, Jack Sparrow muddles and Miss Marple deciphers, coz: "I’m outta here. See you guys at work."

This is my entry for the Indiblogger contest.

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