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As online shopping sites go, there are only a handful out there that keep the customer in mind. What I mean is any online site that sells anything these days should involve people like you and me in the process. Smart return policies, a personalized account, neat user interface so all age groups can enjoy shopping, ready-on-call contact features and, of course, variety and quality.

Lenskart’ has all this working on it’s behalf. One look at the site encourages the eye to explore. Yes, you’ll be spoiled for choices, but isn’t that a good thing? When it comes to sunglasses and eyewear of any kind, I say yes.

Fashion has been redefined time and again. Every decade you see something new. Eyewear, which was once just a practical addition to a person’s life, has now transformed into a fashionable touch to one’s lifestyle. Anyone who loves elegance will know the importance of mixing and matching. You need the right shapes and colors to go with the right accessories and outfits you have planned for the day or event or whatever. Eye-wear is no exception. Review – Brief Overview


What ‘Lenskart’ brings to the table is a rich selection of scintillating eyewear from brands like Carrera, Oakley, Vincent Chase, Idee, John Jacobs and – I never forget this one – Ray-Ban. These are some of the big names in their long list of others, brought to you at awesome prices.

I know, because I shopped with ‘Lenskart’ a couple of times; one was to get a present for a friend and the other was to get myself something for the summer. I’ll share my experience in a while. For the time being, I’d like to stay on topic.

Variety… when you read this word you probably go ‘oh no, I can’t sit around for hours on end, mixing and matching, shortlisting my preferences and then re-shortlisting those until I have one pair of glasses I absolutely adore’. Well, good news is you don’t have to. This is where categories come in.

‘Lenskart’ has you exploring sections for your convenience. These sections include: Aviator, Rimless, Polarized, Round, Cat-Eye. Light-Weight, Power, Wayfarer and Half-Rim. Now, when you steal a look at their homepage, as I remember doing, you’ll notice these categories right there. Choose your style, leap in and start exploring. Review Review – My Experience With ‘lenskart’


I was hesitant at first, a little nervous about the prices. I didn’t know if the sunglasses I would soon be buying will really suit the shape of my face. This is the primary issue we all have. We go to a store and we try on glasses we think we love only to be disappointed that they seem too large or too small. Imagine shopping online where you can’t really wear the pieces. If one doesn’t suit you, you’d have to return it and go through an inconvenient process of repeated emailing to customer support, blah blah.

Well, ‘Lenskart’ had already thought of this. They made it all simple.

I opened the Aviator section – I really love these sunglasses. They’re the best choice for men, young and old, even though they could be on the pricey side. I figured it will serve me well for a few years because Aviators come with that kind of quality and durability, as long as I don’t street-race every night and run from the police every morning (which I don’t, on both counts).

The price range for these magnificent pieces are anywhere around 700 bucks to 1500 bucks (approximate values, of course; they could vary). What I especially loved about this category, after I opened it in a new internet tab, was how neatly they displayed the product. All the angles I needed to see were covered, the price was clearly shown and they had EMI features too, which is splendid for when you need to get yourself glasses but don’t have moolah all in one bulk.

I enjoyed making use of their filter search on the left side of the page. This was actually a lot of fun. You can easily shift from men to women brands, which made it easier for my sister to come take a look at some options while not cutting off my shopping flow. Colors, materials used, frame types, brands and even prescription types were available in the search list. This impressed me more than words can convey. It made things immensely easy for me to find… Review

The Fastrack M035BK4P Matt Black-09Y Men’s Sunglasses. The moment I chose this one, among several others, and whittled my choices down to this particular brand and model, the new page had a whole bunch of awesome features for me to explore. I’m not kidding when I say this is the BEST page in ‘Lenskart’, namely the product page where you see one model and are getting ready to explore it in more detail.

The page covered every angle of this product. Nothing was left to mystery. The size chart is a super-smart decision to have put on here. Clicking on ‘view chart’ helped me make the right choice indeed. This is how I said no to three other brands I had open in separate tabs. The size chart made me realize those glasses weren’t the ones for me.

Quick note: this part of your eye-wear shopping will take a bunch of minutes, but its okay I guess. It’s better than buying the wrong pair of glasses, right?

The frame details section beneath the earlier one I just mentioned is a work of genius. Not only do they show you the dimensions of the sunglasses you chose, you get to see pics of an average Indian man (or woman, depending on the type of eye-style) wearing that very brand. It opens your eyes to a clearer understanding of how these glasses actually look like on a person rather than leaving you to imagine it all. This saves cartloads of time, reduces bucket loads of risk and makes your shopping ever better (I couldn’t come up with a ‘loads’ reference for this one).

All in all, this is how ‘Lenskart’ sold me on the The Fastrack M035BK4P Matt Black-09Y Men’s Sunglasses. When it arrived, it exceeded my expectations. I didn’t even get too deep into the tech details side of this product nor did I check out the reviews and average rating. Yet I got the perfect pair of Aviators I wanted. They’re amazing. Review – Final Say


Since I don’t really wear prescription glasses, I can’t say how the shopping flow goes for someone who does.

I can suggest one thing when it comes to eye-wear shopping with ‘Lenskart’… Take Your Time! They’ve made it very easy for you on every conceivable feature. The least us shoppers can do is make the right decision, and the right decision needs time.

The VFM (Value For Money) for each product on ‘Lenskart’ is excellent. I’ve had friends who have shopped with ‘Lenskart’ say just how pleased they are with what they bought. However, there was this one dude who was too hasty and he ended up buying a pair of sunglasses he really loved only to see it go to his mom because it was a ladies brand. See? Take your time.

‘Lenskart’ is, in my opinion, the best online shopping site for eye-wear. It has everything you need, especially diversity on all levels. Diverse brands, diverse colors, diverse shapes, diverse cost options and so on.

Gotta love ‘Lenskart’, the site with an ‘eye’ for customer satisfaction, style, practicality and elegance. This is the future of online eye-wear shopping. Be part of it.

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