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Ibiza is a well-known island for its magnificent stretches of nice beaches all around. The lively Island brags of more than fifty beautiful beaches which have outstanding beach facilities. A typical beach has diverse water sports. They include clear blue waters, fine golden sand which adds up to over 30 miles of stunning coastline.


One can trace the best beaches in the Island in the south-east region. They are situated close to the town of Santa Eularia.

The most popular beach is the wonderful Salines beach. It offers a happy intermediate between all-out raving and simple relaxation – by taking a long relaxing walk alongside the beach front spread with a bars galore. Playa d’enBossa, to the south of the island, offers awesome beach facilities with a sight of several small islands called Islas Malvinas.

Some magnificent beaches are near many unique ancient monuments and geographical delights such as the cave called Cueva des Cuieram which has an inspirational Carthaginean temple inside. Attractive landscapes surround the magnificent beaches in Ibiza.

Among the beaches that anyone must make a point of not missing out is the extended Cala Es Figueral. It has tiny, rocky islets near the shores. Moreover, a nudist beach is present at the northern part of the island; speak of freedom to enjoy oneself fully. The beach of Cala de Boix is another gem of the Island which is surrounded by affluent landscape. It’s among the quiet beaches, making the Illa de Tagomago have a perfect view.

If you’re searching for a relaxing escape from the well-known party traits of Ibiza, you can’t be wrong by choosing the wonderful retreat, Benirras beach. It is found to the north of Ibiza. Famous for its association with drug-fuelled parties in the ‘sixties, Benirras is today a haven for the tourists. The beach creates the perfect picture of an idyllic setting: overhanging cliff surfaces and golden sands surrounding the deep blue seas. The best thing about this beach is that a protection law in place which stops hoteliers building on it – an unusual event in this world today. This is one of the reasons it was lately voted among the top beaches of Ibiza.

Another more comforting beach in the Island of Ibiza is Cala Llonga which is situated slightly to the north of the town of Ibiza. Although the beach is small, it surprisingly has a deceptive depth, accommodating many beach-goers than one may think. Many boisterous revelers tend to live alone in the north, thus offering a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

For more intensive and partying, then one should check out the Playa d’enBossa. It is 2km from the town of Ibiza and at the centre of all action. Almost all bars play music that’s loud along the beach-front.
There are other small beaches in the island. They include Cala Talamanca, Platja del Pinos and Platja des NiuBlau.

The beaches of Ibiza Island have everything it takes to make a memorable holiday. Any party loving person has where to go and so does the person who wants to relax. It can be seen as the perfect place for anyone.

This is a guest post by Diana Koral.

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