We Are 1 Today–Blogoversary


It’s a year already! Seems like just yesterday when Mahesh Mohan motivated me to start my blog. Our conversation went something like this…

Mahesh: What niche would you like to choose?

Me: Niche?

Mahesh, What topics do you like writing about?

Me: Anything and everything under the sky, except tech stuff.

Mahesh: Hahahaha, lolz

Well, people, that’s what makes me. I just love everything about life, I guess, and wanted to portray that love through a blog. I love eating junk as much as I love staying in shape, I enjoy sitting at home most days but adore going out on holiday every other month too.

Does that make me sound like I’m a confused girl? The answer is ‘Nah’. It’s just me wanting to explore everything in life ‘coz I strongly believe that life is too short and there’s so much to do in it.

That’s the story behind Lifestylerr, to put it in a nutshell. It was only a ‘lifestyle’ niche that could possibly help me cover every possible topic from health, fashion, food, travel, shopping, style, books, movies, home décor and others. For the tech stuff I coaxed my husband Umesh, who’s my partner at all review-oriented events I attend and helps me capture those moments through the lens of a camera.

And, of course, I can’t be remiss to forget Mahesh Mohan’s diligent support. There aren’t enough thank-you’s in all the world when it comes to appreciating the help and guidance Mahesh has brought to Lifestylerr’s table. I owe him big time because if my blog runs smoothly and you like the design and such like, it’s all thanks to him.


It wasn’t easy living up to the expectations of my target audience and after a while I admit I started to lose track of things, the so called ‘flow’ left me. That’s when a savior called Joshua came along; and he’s probably frowning as he’s reading the final edit for this post. I can’t thank him enough for being a constant source of support and for contributing such awesome content to the blog.

He has brought fun to Lifestylerr’s doors and, in classic Joshua style, barged through the entrance and said "howdy folks, the party has arrived!". There are times when I couldn’t manage to contribute blog posts for days on end and Joshua covers up the missing miles.

Keeping his input in mind, let me just write what started as ‘my’ blog a year ago has made an enchanting transformation into ‘our’ blog now and hope it always remains this way.

This year we’ve gotten tons of FB-likes, we’ve seen a vast variety of posts going up from movies, personal stuff, fashion, DIY’s, events, reviews, let’s not forget yummy food and recipes and mooooooore.

Our New Caption

Our caption 1

We’ve already begun planning on bringing you better quality content, more diversity and hopefully even branch out into newer blog-avenues. So keep your eyes peeled for travel experiences, cover events, awesomer lifestyle articles, fun content, contests, and a bunch of other stuff that we plan on keeping secret until we’re sure Lifestylerr is the place those new branches can grow on.

Saving the best for last I, Bhakti Sharma, and this genius (:P) by the name of Joshua Mercott now take this moment in history (!) to bow, like actors on a Shakespearean stage, to an audience filled with people, one of whom is you reading this thank-you blog-a-versary post.

None of this, and we literally mean that, will have been possible without your comments (of which we need a lot more, haha), advice, sheer visits, online presence and anything else you’ve done to help Lifestylerr go up a rung, especially through a simple click-and-share on the vast fields of Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. You made it possible! So…

Thankies, Thankooz, Thankolas and Thankssss for all you have done to help us grow. Hey, where are you off to? The lecture’s over but class is still in session. We have a lot more growing to do here, buddy, so come back and bring that bucket of water.

Cheers to the one-year old Lifestylerr! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip— Oh, you get the picture.



  1. Thanks a ton for the mention and happy blogoversary! :)

  2. Eat, Live and Love. Nice Motto. Congz. and All the best.

  3. Congratulations!!

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