Way Of The Heart – Guide 4 – How To Deal With Frustrating People


Who Are These Personalities?

Frustrating people are almost always frustrated in their own personal lives. They take it out on others they see or interact with and more often than not have no idea how much they are hurting the other person, whether it’s a stranger, close friend or family member. Deep down they know better. They have a keen sense that they are being jerks but refuse to acknowledge it or for some self pitying reason go on being that way.

If you come across such a person don’t do what you may at first feel you should, meaning don’t turn tail and run as far and as fast as you can. You happened to cross their path and that means you may have something that could help them change. So stop for a second, put away what natural selfishness you may feel at the time and see how you can help this person.

Okay, I’m Ready For Battle. What’s Next?

Consider yourself actually dealing with a frustrating human being now. They’re easy to notice and they themselves offer ample proof of it through repeated patterns where they do or say stuff that totally throws you off kilter and makes you wonder, ‘are they high or something?’

To offer some mild examples, there’s the person who goes on talking about the same topic beyond normal boundaries of interest, the dude who keeps making annoying clicking sounds in a meeting or during class, a bunch of people who keep whispering each time you volunteer an answer or suggestion at work, school or college, the ever-suspicious clerk at the store who seems to treat you like you have a rap sheet pasted on your forehead, that friend who is always on your back about the few measly bucks you owe him, the selfish person who takes what they want from an all-employee desk or cantina but fails to replace it or keep some back for others, and so on and on goes the list of human foible-masters who get on other people’s nerves.

As you can imagine, handling them can be extremely tricky because they almost always go on the defensive and refuse to believe they’re wrong.

Handling Frustration

What Can Be Done About This?

Being patient with them helps to some degree, but it’s a good idea for one of you to catch them when they’re alone or free and casually have a chat with them about this, in all calmness and politeness. They may not have realized they’re being so cheap and could probably be grateful to you for revealing it to them.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now going ‘yeah, right, been there, done that’ then your best option is an intervention. This should be your last resort because you’re going to corner someone. And we all know how well such moments work out.

Is There A Simpler Way?

You can ignore them, push then out of your life once you’ve made an attempt to try helping and your move failed. Or you can be patient with them by not getting too involved or feeling too hurt by what they do.

The harsh truth of the matter is people only hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. This in mind, you must be the first person to change. You’ve got to understand that this weakness called frustration so many people display on a daily basis could be a phase encouraged into manifesting from some personal/emotional trouble they’re experiencing.

It could also be a deliberate characteristic in which case there’s almost nothing you can do to change the person. They will probably, hopefully, learn it the hard way many years down the road.

What Do I Get Out Of All This?

You get peace of mind for yourself. Although you really want to help this person chances are your time will be better spent helping yourself understand them. Sometimes you can’t change others.

It will be very hard to cope with this fact, especially if you’re stuck with such a character for the time being, but this fact also helps you move forward to a higher level and be a less stressed out you.


  1. no use trying to change some people. Thats the harsh truth. Have met many such ‘awesome’ characters. They look to bring others down and it comes as a natural talent. Sadly, im part of that category you mentioned who’s gonna ‘roll his eyes’ at the thought of expecting them to be enlightened by revealing their nature to the.

    • Yesss… I was hoping to find some really honest comments for this post. Ty so much for your candor, Doctor. You’re absolutely right, I used to think the same recently, got a nice emotional punch for the effort… So, yeah, I get your meaning down to the core of it… Some people change, some others don’t. Knowing the difference is key… :) ty for this comment, it’s enhanced the post in so many ways.

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