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These small but not all that small additions to your furniture collection make such a lot of difference. The whole ‘balance’ of a room changes with these pieces simply being present there. The look of a bare and empty space becomes something beautiful with side-tables standing in their primes spot and corners will never be the same again.

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Side-tables have brought a lot of elegance and taste, especially the wooden ones among whom you can include antiques. However, nobody said some gorgeous modern pieces are all bad. In fact, by finding the right shape and color for the space you plan on standing them in – side tables work a singular stroke of magic, something that furniture and decoration items smaller and/or bigger than them can’t achieve.

How Do Side-Tables ‘Balance’ A Room?

Imagine this… The sofa set is standing in a perfect placement in the living room, the glass, crystal or wood showpieces, or some of each, are all positioned on moderately sized tables with glass tops. There’s probably even a coffee table present. Shelves, possibly a television set and other common living room additions. That’s the image.

Now add a neat small side-table and you balance the visual image. It can go in the center of the room, beside the sofa, at the room corner or placed in a pattern to best effect. either way, deck it up and watch as it literally adds an element of sheer elegance and beauty to your overall space, in this case a living room.

You Can Also Weave Side-Table Magic In:-

  • bedrooms
  • spacious restrooms if you live in a mansion that affords you space like that
  • out on the garden
  • in your balcony
  • beside the entrance
  • in a corridor.



How To Decorate Side-Tables

You’ve probably gained an understanding of how to decorate with side-tables, now check out some ideas on how to decorate the side-tables themselves.

  • Throw a nice translucent scarf or short cloth on the top of your side-table and you have a fast and glamorous décor-touch that flows in the slightest breeze and imparts a sense of liveliness.
  • One or two showpieces, preferably small or just one medium sized figurine, will do the trick and add shape, especially when placed under a lamp on the same side-table.
  • Speaking of which, a lamp could go up there too.
  • Dangle beads and other shiny-glittery stuff. First measure them to fit properly on your side-table. Make sure you know how you want them, dangling or sitting on the top surface.
  • Small glass bowls with colorful faux-pebbles and fake-crystals and other such ‘peaceful’ décor go great on side-tables.
  • The best décor of all is sometimes no décor at all. At the most, you could place a few coasters on it. This is especially true if your side-table is an antique or a modern piece whose shape and/or surface designs are so captivating and eye-grabbing that you need nothing else to add to its décor but the solo side-table with a killer look like that.

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