Movie Review – The Wolf of Wall Street

It’s one thing to wait for certain movies to come into DVD/CD/Torrent (lol) form but it’s a singular experience to see them on the silver screen and be part of that unique experience.

I will not detail the storyline or plot flow lest I ruin your chance to figure things out for yourself when you’re munching on some popcorn and getting ready to see the flick on the big screen. The Wolf of Wall Street took me by total surprise on a lot of levels. Check it out…

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street lives up to the posh, powerful, action-packed, vulgar and slightly chauvinistic touches Martin Scorsese (director of ‘The Departed’, producer of ‘Hugo’ ) can’t help but bring to his filmmaking and he does it like a pro. Granted, not all his movies are woven with this kind of loom but when he does, he does it to Scorsese perfection.

The Wolf of Wall Street Review

Take this funny and thrilling movie, for instance. When you throw in an accomplished actor like Leonardo DiCaprio (playing Jordan Belfort) and Jonah Hill (playing Donnie Azoff), you can expect the movie to be filled with some serious action-frenzied scenes. It is made even better with plenty of wonderfully balanced comedy elements. The timing alone and the actors’ expressions sold every scene and made it a laugh-fest, a clap-a-thon and an edge of your seat suspenseful and action fueled film.

The flick runs like clockwork without a single boring moment throughout, which requires a nice big round of applause for the scriptwriter Terence Winter and the author whose book they adapted this story from, namely Jordan Belfort.

Yeah, you’re probably connecting the dots right now as you’re reading this so I might as well open the curtains on this one snippet of film trivia. This is indeed a true story that the man himself wrote in book form. If you read the book, then you’ll know the movie came close to living up to the book’s literary rhythm but needed a small makeover from Hollywood to be truly enjoyable. That’s where a man like Scorsese came in and did his thing.

A special note on the comedy scenes is called for… They are stunning and perfectly performed by DiCaprio and Hill. I read somewhere that this is DiCaprio’s crowning performance to date and I have to agree it is. He wields both ‘funny’ and ‘serious’ in ideal measures and has truly surpassed himself in some of the most challenging scenes, where a certain drug is involved; enough said.

The dialogues, though vulgar wherever possible, manage to hold onto a core meaning which is successfully communicated to the viewer in their theater seat. Bottom line is… The Wolf of Wall Street will leave you inspired, dancing with fresh thoughts about the world of high finance, laughing till your cheeks pain and your belly is sore and at the end of the movie you’ll be left wondering how fact is indeed stranger than fiction.


  1. Sounds like a must watch, thanks for the review.

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