The Sweet, The Cute & The Funny – 6 Fancy Dress Competition Ideas


Fancy Dress – Don’t these words still excite and teleport us to our own childhood days when the Fancy Dress Competitions came along and they were much awaited events? Well, I don’t remember having lot of options or creative ideas back in the day, but when I see parents today working so hard to come up with creative and unique ideas, I am zapped. I don’t have kids myself but for all my friends who do I thought its a great idea to share a few ideas I’ve picked up from a bunch of people.

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition for children is a lot like a Fashion Week for adults (I’d love to go see one someday). Here are some ideas that you can try. When I started out brainstorming these ideas they sounded unique to me. However, in case you think these are “Oh So Regular”, I’d love to hear your ideas, so go ahead and drop your opinion in the comments section.

1. Maggi Noodles – I haven’t heard of anyone who doesn’t like Maggi. Kids love them more than most. In fact the whole of India loves them , I’m assuming. So why not gain inspiration from this Maggi-passion and dress like one for a Fancy Dress Competition? Preparing this costume may not be a hassle, if you have this planned in advance. Keep empty Maggi packets ready so you can make a dress out of it. Dress your child in a yellow t-shirt and skirt or shorts, with yellow socks and shoes preferably, Make a long slip-on vest of a dress with the spare Maggi packets you have at hand. You may use cello-tape to stick them together (this transparent tape makes for a clean-looking costume with no tape sights all over the place). Use yellow wool to dress a skull cap. Get curled up wool, it’s even better because it resemble noodles.

2. Advertising/Branding – Now this one is a bold idea and strictly for little boys. The grown-ups may want to try this out for adult costume parties, but at your own risk (lol), ’cause it’s really funny. So here goes… Your kid basically endorses an underwear brand with finesse and style. This is the simplest option which requires nothing but confidence to pull off. All you need is a bathrobe (a smart one) and nice underwear! All he needs to do is surprise the audience walking like a model on the stage in his bathrobe, stop, undress, say his ‘competition’ words and walk away in style in his underwear. I bet he’s gonna win the contest with this bold and I-don’t-care-‘coz-I’m-awesome idea.

3. Sheep – This may sound a bit cliched but have you tried making a sheep dress at home? Its super simple, highly economical and will look super cute and adorable on your child. You will need a white long-sleeved t-shirt or vest (the form-fitting kind, preferably), black stockings, black gloves, a skull cap and lots of cotton balls. All you need to do is stick the cotton balls or stitch them onto the white t-shirt; make it look neat, now. Do the same with the skull cap and your dress is ready. That’s it… Combine it with a narration of the Ba-Ba Black Sheep Rhyme and your child might just be a winner, especially if he/she sings the rhyme in a very different fashion to what’s already known.

Sheep Vest

4. The Mummy – Yes, the famous character from the movie, the bandage wrapped scary one, not mommy. Again a super simple idea but something that will really stand out on stage. All you need are a few rolls of beige colored crepe bandage or white ones (the usual) but the latter ones take away the old and antiquated look. Cover your child from head to toe in it. You may want to leave the face, eyes and mouth free or try and paint it with face paint of the same color so that your child can deliver dialogues and introduce himself/herself while still looking great. If they get the walk and body language right, they could scare and wow at the same time

5. Toilet Paper – Don’t blame me for this wacky idea but I found it cute and again, it IS a bit unique, not to mention super funny. Try and make a cylinder out of cardboard that your child can slide into or have wrapped around them.Cardboard is great. However, if you want to merely have a 2D look, draw a toilet-roll-like image and hang it from your child’s neck so it looks like he/she is inside a roll. Wrap it with kitchen rolls or toilet paper and there you have it!

Rubik's cube

6. Rubik’s Cube – This will need some extra creativity, you having to make the cardboard cube, but it’s a super duper idea. You could paint weird combos on the front and both sides while the back can be a correct combo of any one color. All your kid needs to do is twist to the sides a couple of times and suddenly show his back as if he/she struggled to solve the Rubik’s cube on his own and succeeded. It’s really cute and makes for some funny-expression moments.

Image Credit: Wanderingmist, dominicsavioandheri.

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