The Sunglass Festival – Lenskart’s Throwing Summer Carnival


A carnival is coming to town, and your host is Lenskart. With over 5000 sunglasses on sale, summer never looked this cool. From smart customer support who have the technical expertise to help you choose the right pair of shades to a variety of glasses that practically spoil you with choices, Lenskart is pulling out the stops and bringing affordable quality eyewear to you.

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If you happen to visit their online home, you’ll find Lenskart’s outstanding categorization system makes everything convenient for shoppers. Since we’re on the topic of sunglasses, your sunglass ‘boxes’ are divided across different age groups – men 18-40 years, men over that age, a similar setting for the ladies and then come the little kids and not to forget our style-crazy teenagers.

The eyewear giant is keeping the super-convenient flow going through their online carnival. Pick the perfect pair of shades to go with your look or wardrobe and take excellent advantage of the discounts. Find the right pair to suit your face shape, all from the comfort of your home.

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Colors are the name of the summer game and you’ll find golden-yellows, glacial-blues, earthy-browns, rusty-reds and all sorts of hues in between, even relatively somber ones. Your style statement just took a leap forward – make that a bound.

From sensuous curves, framed and frameless pieces, designer wear, casual wear, practical wear, you name it Lenskart has it for you. Unlike actual stores and malls where you see crowds in summer and out-of-stock’s, you have all these options under one online roof, which just isn’t possible anywhere else.

Sturdy packaging and speedy delivery is yours as well, so go ahead and enjoy shopping during India’s largest sunglass sale, taking place March 28-31. Lenskart’s official site has all the details.

Get ready to treat your eyes and sense of style to shades galore. The Sunglass Festival is here, and you’re gonna look hot while looking cool.

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