The Blessing Called Friends


It isn’t a small deal to have friends. Ask those who don’t and they will tell you just how terrible it feels to not have people you can hang out with, play with, talk to and just plain interact. Friendship is the keystone in the arch of socializing without which the whole reason for living crumbles down upon us.

Many a couple met starting out as friends. Many an ordinary duo met and, on becoming best friends, turned out to be one of the most extraordinary people of all. This is quite possible because of the power inherent in the bond of friendship.

This 4th of August 2013 sees yet another Friendship Day. We all know how some annual celebratory days like these shouldn’t just be relegated to one day of the year but should rather occupy every day.


The most familiar version of honesty you will have seen from friends is when they open up and share personal stuff with you. These include secrets but they can also be something perfectly ordinary they like for you to know, from the silliest snippet of info to the most shocking fact.

There’s another less implemented version of honesty and that’s when they listen to everything you have to say or share and then offer an objective opinion aimed at helping you get over that issue or answer that query. The best part is when they’re actually physically there to help you get out of the mess.

Friendship Day1


There’s nothing like waking up ten years later and realizing you have someone or a few someones in your life whom you call friends. Hey, wait a minute, they’re still here, after ten whole years. Isn’t that awesome!?

Such durability in friendships stem from an innate sense of loyalty. True friends don’t waver with the times or shift their preferences as if assessing a business deal. They are there throughout if for no other reason than because they want to be part of your world.

Friendship Day3

The Bad Times

These are iconic moments in friendships because here’s where you’ll know who is true and who is a boo-hoo. Standing by you and supporting you takes time, sometimes cash and always boldness.

For a friend(s) to invest in you this much proves one of two things. One, they’re actually bad people who want something from you, so be sure to keep this part in mind. Two, and this is my favorite, they’re the best buddies in the whole wide world. Nothing a little bit of logic and instinct can’t help you observe and understand which one’s which.

Making Time

Taking a point from that earlier section, friends absolutely make time for you. Again, there’s a modern-day conspiracy regarding this part. Everybody is busy, everyone has work to do, dreams to realize and ends to meet.

HOWEVER, sharing all this with friends who, even if their career or general work and stuff isn’t the same as yours, make time for you and are there for you, NO MATTER WHAT, is the best feeling in the world. You need only experience such heartfelt investment in your life to make you feel like a billion bucks.

Friendship Day4

The Most Precious Friendship-Fact Of All

Now that you’ve read all this, are you sitting there thinking about which friend is doing all this for you and which ones aren’t? STOP! You’re being an idiot, no offense. :P

YOU need to see if YOU are being this friend to them. The best way to live a stress free life is to stop thinking what everyone else is doing. This applies to friendships too where you need to quit assuming, presuming and ever-waiting on them to make all the moves.

Take it upon yourself to be good to them and do right by them. Sometimes you may feel used, but that’s okay, because the best rewards in life are when you get nothing back for an awesome deed done for someone else.

This is the core essence of friendship and it’s called Selflessness. This is quite simply the most precious friendship-fact of all.

Be there for your friends, because you don’t know who among them can change your life, turn it upside down and leave you facing a whole new world of possibilities and dreams. Such friends are what you can quite confidently call a blessing.

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