AskMe App Review–The Baap of all Apps


  As apps go, practicality and an attractive display are more than enough to carry it through to success. When Askme came on the scene, I found it rather interesting in the sense that it was something similar to Google but dedicated to shopping. Let me explain. Check out this first screenshot I took when […]

Going Laceless – Ultra-Stylish Footwear For Men


  Nothing beats the ease and comfort slip-ons bring in design, looks and feel. Laceless footwear for men are all the rage these days because summer or winter or whatever other season it is these shoes look as stylish as those with laces but bring with them an added element… They’re quick to remove and […]

Top 13 Food Blogs Of 2013


  Mm-mmm… Food is something alright, especially awesome food that lands on your palate and takes you on a trip to paradise. Such power, perfection, divinity and grace resides in that one bite promising to treat you to a moment of delicious sensation. As you can imagine, food blogs have plenty of standards to live […]

2013’s Top hairstyles for men–part 2


  Are you wondering that Part 1 exhausted all the hairstyles ever available for men to try out. Well you were wrong. You will be spilt for choices after going through 10 more different hairstyles for men. Take a look:

Walking Strong—Different Footwear Styles For Men


Men are logical, practical, quick to shop and ready to get the job done—whatever work it is they apply themselves to. This sort of modern fast-paced lifestyle sometimes leaves a guy no room to think on stylish lines. Of all the varied fashion ideas for men out there, let’s talk about shoes for men and […]

8 Captivating Party Games For Adults


Yeah, there are kazillions of ideas out there where party games for couples or adult games for bachelors and bachelorettes are concerned. I’ve tried creating some of my own here, so hope these tickle your fancy. There’s no fun in merely reading them and not actually trying them out, so feel free to practice what […]

Soaring Sparks


There’s not a person in the world who hasn’t at least one opinion on what makes two people say ‘I Love You’ and mean it. Although there are probably hundreds of different relationship-types globally (straight and otherwise) there’s bound to be a basic foundation on which they can all stand and not fall over. This […]

8 Web 2.0 Sites We Still Can’t Ignore


“Hi, are you on Twitter?” “Yeah I am, but I suppose you won’t be able to find me as there are many people who share the same name as I do. Take my e-mail ID and then search.” “Did you happen to celebrate your birthday at the mall? I saw your pictures on Facebook the […]