Fruit Force – Part 1 – Oh, For The Love Of Oranges


Fruits are an everyday necessity. They bring a lot of good to your life by way of health but only if you take them regularly. If you happen to bite into one someday and then feel like you adopted superpowers you’re in for a disappointing deflation the next day. This is the first of a […]

Slice Of Life — Part 2


  With so many slicey-sweet and spicy-slicey delights to enjoy from all over the world and all it takes is a few bites, you can’t hold yourself back from indulging the idea, can you? Good things do indeed come in small bite-sized morsels that have the power to satiate your very soul, sometimes even doing […]

The Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe – Eggless


To master the art of baking the perfect sponge cake, you need to fail several times. Speaking from experience. I have tried all sorts of eggless and regular varieties of basic vanilla sponge cake and chocolate sponge cake and have failed several times. But I refuse to give up. If I have to buy readymade […]

Simply Snacking – A guide to healthy snacking ideas


Snacking – the word itself tickles your taste buds and you don’t feel like controlling yourself. For those who are not concerned about weight loss or don’t follow a diet plan, snacking is a fun activity. They can sit with a bag of chips or hog on any quick mini meal that they see somewhere.  […]

Easy Dinner Option – Falafels with Pita Pockets


Past few months, me and my husband have engaged in having Easy Food or Easy Khana as Mr.H fondly calls it. Sometimes it may be as easy to prepare as sandwiches or his favorite Maggi noodles and sometimes as elaborate and complicated to cook as Chicken steak, Pizzas, burgers or wraps (in this case, it […]

My Favorite Coconut Macaroons – the Eggless version


After a long time, I picked up my favorite ingredient for desserts- Condensed Milk. Also, as mentioned earlier, I dislike using eggs in my baked treats. So this recipe was a sure shot in my list. To top it all, it is so simple to make (prep time 5 minutes!) that you can make even […]