Gifts for Him – Christmas Gift Ideas Part 2


  You may be assuming there aren’t many gift options for dudes as there are for women. You could be wrong. There are several different prezzies you can gift a guy this Christmas. All you have to do is think simple. The more complex the present, the less chance there is for him to like […]

My Awesome birthday week


  First of all, diligent readers, I apologize for the slow blog-posting in the past week. As you already know from Joshua’s recent post, it was my 30th birthday last week and for a change I decided to celebrate the entire week instead of just a day. After all, you enter this golden phase just […]

Are you anxious about your travel plan?


  Travelling to unknown location and far off countries is a very exciting thing to do only if you have planned it well. Not all of us are good explorers who can live with surprises at all times. We can only call it a good holiday if it is well planned and goes as we […]

The Bald and the Bellyful


Everybody who’s anybody has seen at least one person who they think deserves to be called a hot chick or a handsome dude. Have you noticed how they look great in anything they wear? Well, that’s because they have the face and/or body to help with their fashion statement. Leaving women for another day, let’s […]

Top Picks to Enjoy Backpacking in 2013


You’ve probably come across hundreds of such segments where people talk about ‘places to see’, ‘places to visit’ and so on. What sets “Top Picks to Enjoy Backpacking in 2013′ apart from the rest? Well, nothing much really. But you’ve gotta ask yourself if you’ve actually gotten down to seeing the places you may have […]

Greetings for the Year


First of all, Happy New Year to all my friends, fellow bloggers and readers! Hope you had a great New Year eve and have a rocking year ahead. Finally I am back. A long holiday and lots of traveling left me with no time for blogging. I tried hard to find some time and post […]

Tips on Buying Wedding Suits for Men


Let me be honest guys, we all know the weddings are all about her. Her mom picks up the venue, she decides upon that exotic honeymoon locale and the silly girl even chooses you as the groom. Even if the skies fall down on your wedding day or maybe if all the bridesmaids decide to […]