DIY Project–Homemade BlackHead Removal tricks


Mental 11–Floss — commonly mispronounced words


  I am back with my help-list detailing commonly mispronounced words. The last time I passed the food words test with a good score, but the list that follows was a tough one to handle. There are so many words here I have been using for ages but, unfortunately, have pronounced them wrong each time. […]

Be Your Own Dietician


My first post for the New Year has to be associated with Weight Loss. Simply because it is my New Year Resolution to seriously lose the extra pounds I have gained in the last few months. Statutory Warning: No two dieticians will ever agree on a single dietician. Yes, that is correct. I have read […]

Cure for the Top 3 Problems of an Individual’s Life


If someone asks you about the top 3 problems of an individual’s life in general what would you reply to this? Well I am sure all your answers will have a relation to 3 basic root causes which include: Fear, Procrastination and Bad Health! Leap over it and see is it not true? Fear – […]