Go Woody! – How To Decorate Using Wood Items


Wood is a wonderfully natural means to decorate. Of course, since we’re dealing with decoration, faux-wood (artificial wood) is awesome as well. You’re probably thinking, ah well I’ve seen tons of this kinda décor and it gets boring with age. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s simply not true, especially if you woodecorate with […]

Way Of The Heart – Guide 4 – How To Deal With Frustrating People


Décor tips For a Teen’s bedroom–part 1


  Décor for a teenager’s room can be a very subjective affair. They want what they want and refuse to conform to anything they feel they aren’t in-sync with. Sometimes, you may have to give in to their quirks and specific preferences but that doesn’t mean the basic theme of the room should be ignored. […]

How To Live A Fun Life—Part 2


  Here we begin another section of how to live a fun life. These aren’t things I myself am great at, but I’m getting there. It’s all about putting words into action, not the other way around, so when you read this, know that it doesn’t stop there. You gotta act on the words you […]

The Art Of Saying You’re Sorry


  You can never hear enough of this topic. I mean, it keeps changing, it varies with the times and the traditions people follow. In that case, it varies with the places people come from. Whatever the case, saying you’re sorry doesn’t require knowledge of rocket science for you to understand it. After all, you […]

How To Live A Fun Life—Part 1


  It will be pretty hypocritical, not to mention clichéd, of me to give advice on how to live a happy life, because there are thousands, if not kazillions, of factors that determine such a thing. Instead, I’ve done some simple research that’s revealed some practical ideas that actual human people confirm has worked for […]

Sculpting Smiles


Have you ever frozen mid-smile and wondered what that particular smile actually means to the other person? Well, there is such a thing as different types of smiles and, no, they aren’t all the same nor are they similar. Check out these smile-types and see if you can sculpt yours to convey the full meaning […]

The GR8 Eight Tips on How to Simplify Your Life


An empty mind is a devil’s workshop; this saying holds a deep embedded meaning. Keeping your mind focused in the right direction is the key to simplify life in all aspects. Let’s accept it that we all have time-honored the urban lifestyle and this culture is full of stress. It becomes very essential to plan […]