How To Make Reading A Habit


So many people want to read. They sit down doing some work or other and remember how they used to love reading. They ask themselves where the time has gone, whether they grew out of it or found something more interesting to do with their time. When they ask that latter question of themselves they […]

The Blessing Called Friends


  It isn’t a small deal to have friends. Ask those who don’t and they will tell you just how terrible it feels to not have people you can hang out with, play with, talk to and just plain interact. Friendship is the keystone in the arch of socializing without which the whole reason for […]

Slice Of Life — Part 3


  This last part in our Slice Of Life trilogy is sure to make your mouth water and your mind plan ways on getting to the slices you read about here. Sometimes the best things in life do come in small sizes, or should I say slices.

Slice Of Life—Part 1


  Have you noticed how sometimes food served in slices turns absolutely desirable? Agreed, a full plate is just as inviting as a small piece of food taken from a larger source. But, as they say, it’s the little things in life that matter and where food slices are concerned, there’s this added sense of […]

25 Songs For Valentine’s Day


This post is probably gonna be something you can use to do way better. I mean, music is one of those things that have so many ‘personalities’  you’re sure to find something you love and something you don’t here in this list comprising some old favorites and modern romantic songs too. Check it out and […]