Restaurant Review – Frangipani Ambrosia Resort Pune


  As most of you know, I don’t really live in Pune. My home is miles away from the city and the best city hangouts. However, I am happy to say that my side of town has a few places that don’t fail to impress the food enthusiast in me. One such place tucked away […]

My hot, lip smacking Recipe for tawa pulao


  Tawa Pulao is a typical Mumbai delicacy. It originated at the roadside Pav Bhaji stalls and is now one of the most popular rice dishes across the country. Butter and Pav Bhaji masala are the key ingredients for this dish besides rice of course. I tried it the first time a couple of months […]

My Gourmet Penta – Party


  The setting couldn’t have been more awesome. Four friends and their families looking to have fun and all living on the same lane. This makes for one of the best opportunities to craft ideas for a gourmet party and that’s exactly what I did. The party starts at day and ends at night, one […]

Cluster Beans with Gram Flour Dumplings (Phalli Gatte ki Sabzi)


This is a Gujarati recipe and is popularly known as Guvar Muthiya nu Shaak where Muthiya refers to gram flour dumplings. It was my mom’s favorite and mine too. The recipe makes cluster beans more tasty for those who are picky about food. It is also an innovative way to make cluster beans in gravy […]