Way Of The Heart – Guide 3 – Asking Difficult Questions


For those of you haven’t, you may read Guide 1 and Guide 2 before you begin with this. What Should I Know Before Reading This Post? When you ask the hard questions, be prepared to receive some tough answers. This phase of human emotion is a two-edged sword. A lot of yourself gets revealed to […]

The How, Why and What of Indian Civil Services Exams–Part 4


  If you have read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 well, this one is going to motivate you further and make your journey to the final exam day easier. Confidence with guidance is the key to crack these “hyped” Civil Services Exams. Go ahead and do your best for a bright future.  

The How, Why and What of Indian Civil Services Exams–Part 3


Now that you know if you are cut for the Civil Services Exams and are updated about the exam procedure, here’s the information on how and where to begin when preparing for your UPSC Exams

The Why, How and What of Indian Civil Services Exams–Part 2


The Indian Civil Services Exams are not easy to crack. While you have geared yourself with the motivation and guidance from teachers and counselors regarding the exam, its important to know the exact procedure of the exam. So here are the details:



  With all the hype and popularity associated with the Civil Service Examinations, most of you are keen on understanding it a bit more. The simple reason for this being that it prepares you better if you have thorough knowledge of it. The Civil Services Exam is conducted every year by the UPSC to recruit […]

2013’s top 13 Hairstyles for Men–Part 1


 Gentlemen, Style Your Hair The sheer variety out there in hairstyles is stunning. Of course, choosing the ones that suit your personal style, fashion sense, physique, face-shape and other factors is a whole different game. It’s why I collated this bunch of hairstyle varieties so you can get an idea of what to adopt, whether […]

Laptop-oscopy – Dust Removal Surgery


Cleaning your laptop can be quite tricky and dangerous to your machine if you do it wrong. Why clean it at all, you ask? Well, if you’re okay with paying a few hundred bucks to a service center to do something as ridiculously easy as dusting the inside of your laptop, go right ahead.