Winners for “5 books up for grabs” giveaway


  This is it, day of reckoning. At least it is for all those who participated in our Author Book Giveaway contest where all you needed to do was this or that, according to the conditions, or as a lot of us are known to do (me included) avoid doing most this or that and […]

5 books Up for Grabs


  Here we are with a Giveaway for all our loyal readers and friends. Joshua and me, Bhakti, sincerely thank you for all the love and support that you have extended to our blog.

The First Giveaway from Lifestylerr


A happy day to all you wonderful people. From the time I started the blog, I have been planning a giveaway. The Diwali idea for giveaway of decor items could not be completed due to lack of time. Christmas is very special to me (even more than Diwali) so I decided to introduce my giveaway […]