How To Plan A Halloween Party – Party Themes and Ideas


  It’s Fun-Frolic Time This 31st October Be spend-smart when it comes to this particular holiday celebration. You’re going to want everything to look amazing but that ‘everything’ could cost a lot if you don’t shop properly for the Halloween essentials. Here’s an idea of what you’ll need… Since it’s hard to shop for these […]

Restaurant Review–Courtyard by Marriott, Pune


What better way to start your Sunday than with an exotic brunch hosting over 56 delicacies, one better than the other. Now if you are wondering why you haven’t been to The Courtyard by Marriott before, stop wondering and instead start booking your tables for the weekend. The Sunday brunch at Momo Cafe is not […]

Way Of The Heart – Guide 4 – How To Deal With Frustrating People


The GR8 Eight Tips on How to Simplify Your Life


An empty mind is a devil’s workshop; this saying holds a deep embedded meaning. Keeping your mind focused in the right direction is the key to simplify life in all aspects. Let’s accept it that we all have time-honored the urban lifestyle and this culture is full of stress. It becomes very essential to plan […]

Turning 30 at Lavasa


Let me first clarify, I am yet to turn 30. So the post is not about me. My husband turned 30 this year and I wanted to make his birthday special. I had a perfect plan A which didn’t work but then I love giving surprises and can never run out of ideas for it. […]

Taming your Pet – Dog training tips


Dogs are very active and intelligent animals and learn quickly according to their own pace. Every breed of dog has its own talent however it is up to the owner how they make their dog a balanced and well-behaved pet. Dogs don’t learn behavioral skills by birth; just like human beings even dogs have the […]