Way Of The Heart – Guide 1 – Using Instincts In Love & Friendship


  What Am I Going To Read Here? This is the first of I donno how many more (!) such guides my curiosity has recently latched onto and wishes it didn’t. After all, to listen to one’s instinct comes with a massive emotional bill which, I’m sorry to say, none of us can afford to […]

I Played A Game With Life–Richardson Susairaj


About The Book: Being one of the first people to read his book long before it could hit the shelves, I feel privileged to know this author and call him one of my closest friends. With an engaging plotline and characters we can all relate to, sometimes even aspire to be, Richard has written a […]

Slice Of Life—Part 1


  Have you noticed how sometimes food served in slices turns absolutely desirable? Agreed, a full plate is just as inviting as a small piece of food taken from a larger source. But, as they say, it’s the little things in life that matter and where food slices are concerned, there’s this added sense of […]

Planning a Surprise this Valentine


You’ve gotta hand it to women, they have progressive taste. What does that mean? It’s difficult to find surprise ideas for her? No. Actually, I didn’t get it at first either. It means women have this amazing way of appreciating something that comes with a meaning. Guys aren’t bad or something just ‘coz they don’t […]

Ever Wondered Why Me?


When I completed high school, I wanted to enroll for an advertising course. Unfortunately, my folks were not too aware of the advertising field and did not prefer that as a career option. Like most parents, they thought that since I have a good percentile, I should opt for Engineering. Well, I did and later […]