South Indies Pune introduces 30 Ways to Explore South India


South Indies 6 course meal review

I happen to feel that one of the most popular restaurants for fine South Indian dining in Pune is busy introducing the city to something new. They moved from the regular appam, stew and basic curries (inspired from a certain region in South India) to introducing Pune to the cuisine from all four states and myriad flavors. This wonderful restaurant has come up with yet another experience to take fine dining up a notch.

Most of you who have visited South Indies Pune might be aware that they do have a buffet system. They nearly cut down on the a la-carte system to promote their buffets. Now, this made a few people happy while leaving others in a lurch of disagreement who weren’t all thumbs-up for the buffet-only concept. Here they are, getting back into the game and brining another new experience for the city – “30 Ways to Explore South India”.

On your tour through this journey, they will exhibit their thirty ways through a 6 course sit down meal experience. This concept had mushroomed in Pune a while back and most restaurants are introducing it these days to provide their diners with an exclusive experience. This makes away with having to order meals from exhaustive menus or getting up from our seats to serve ourselves (aka buffet). It makes it that much easier and that much fun while giving diners a chance to be part of something new, namely the thirty ways idea.

They invited us for a preview a few weeks back when South Indies was relaunching a fresh new menu. Someone who hasn’t explored South Indian cuisine might wonder how a 6 course dinner is possible with a cuisine like this. I must say that the minds behind this thought have done an excellent job, balanced things perfectly and created a meal spread so ideal you won’t stop to ask why or how. You’ll be too busy getting lost in flavors, tastes and all the savoring possibilities that opens up.

The South Indies Six Course Meal Menu

South Indies 6 course meal menu

South Indies 6 course meal menu

Here are some clicks from our tasting session at the South Indies 6 course meal:


South Indies 6 course meal review

South Indies Pune 6 course meal review

South Indies Pune 6 course meal review


South Indies Pune 6 Course Meal Review

I have reviewed the a la carte menu of South Indies Pune before and hence this blog post is to share the experience of a formal 6 course meal dining at the restaurant. You can read my detailed review here.

The South Indies 6 course meal:

Where: South Indies, Ganeshkhind Pune.

When: Ongoing

How much: INR560 (AI)

Image Credits: Zomato (sent by South Indies)

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