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There’s not a person in the world who hasn’t at least one opinion on what makes two people say ‘I Love You’ and mean it. Although there are probably hundreds of different relationship-types globally (straight and otherwise) there’s bound to be a basic foundation on which they can all stand and not fall over.

This is what I’ve attempted to describe in this post. If I’ve made an error or hurt someone’s feelings or even said one relation-type won’t work when there are people in that ‘type’ who’re happily in love, I hope I’ll be forgiven.

Relationship-Type 1: The Adventurers

adventurous coupleThe man and woman in this couple-type are adventurous souls with a thirst for going out more often than staying in. They adore hanging out with friends where they’re in each other’s arms. They constantly challenge each other and love feeling that singular rush of emotion when one of them wins. This couple is also very open-minded. However, there’s a catch. Jealousy and possession can be quite well-accented in this relationship-type. Demanding to know where the other person has been and to see who comes off as romantic in initial love-levels but soon transmutes into nagging and the couple in this relationship feels their freedom being squeezed. Not a very pleasant sensation.

Relationship-Type 2: The Solitary Twosome

SolitaryWhen it comes to these two, they prefer staying by themselves and not socializing very much. Their mingle-circle usually consists of close friends and family and nobody extra. If given a choice between going out to party and catching a home movie, they most probably opt for the latter. You know the saying, familiarity breeds contempt. Well, it happens a lot in the case of this couple-type who get on each other’s nerves more often than their desire for calm would prefer. Seeing as how they’re kinda introverted, they make up and return to being happy pretty fast instead of letting time decide the outcome.

Relationship-Type 3: The French

French coupleThough this couple-type has that name, they can come from anywhere on the globe. What a man and woman in this type of relationship do is they adore Life, share everything, love partying and the outdoors and welcome new experiences. On the other hand, they fight a lot and are almost always insistent on wanting to do something their way. The guy may want to go see the game while the girl prefers to catch the latest movie and they usually end up showing their frustration by actually doing those things alone. It makes them feel miserable that they’re hurting the other person, return to make up past errors only to flame an argument all over again. Here’s where they’re French. They decide not to waste any more time and simply engage in a passionate lip-lock where all that anger-energy becomes sexual.

Relationship-Type 4: The Goldilocks Duo

GoldilocksThis last couple-type are ‘just right’, the meaning arising from the Goldilocks tale. How do they click? One of them is the introvert while the other is the extrovert, giving ‘opposites attract’ a whole new definition. This is the time where true support raises its head. Where one of the two falters, the other probably has what it takes to pick up the slack. Example, if the reserved person in this relationship-type is prone to skepticism while the other person brings up an idea that’s both risky as well as profitable, they balance out the equation and help each tread carefully through that idea. In this way, the Goldilocks Duo is a power couple. They have squabbles, as all couples are known to experience. How they handle arguments is a mystery, because with this couple-type one can’t exactly tell. What’s known so far is that one of them decides to keep silent, knowing that to add words to the verbal-battle only prolongs it.

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