Secret To Buying Souvenirs – Simple Tricks To Help You Buy Souvenirs When Traveling


When you’re off traveling and you feel you simply must buy souvenirs of your trip there are tricks and secrets to doing so that will help you get your money’s worth and also a souvenir worth buying.

First Secret: Kinda Yes To The Airport Stall

People go souvenir shopping in airports all the time and, sorry for this next part, get the lousiest stuff. Don’t pick up those tea towels. Go for some nice Delhi Duty Free white spirit or malt bottles. They make great trip souvenirs and also enhance your house-bar by playing the role of show pieces and giving you something to talk about when next guests are over and they ask you where you’ve been.

Agreed, Dubai duty free does have the best alcohol in that ‘freebie’ range. However, Delhi Duty Free has a great stock at economical prices, so be sure to check that out the next time you’re in the Capital.

The US/Canada border has some pretty neat stuff by way of airport duty-freebies, but some of the top duty-free shops in the world are put up in Vancouver International, London’s Heathrow, Dubai (of course), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Incheon International (this is in Korea), Miami International, Hong Kong International and Frankfurt’s very own.

You can’t purchase good souvenirs from just any airport stall, so be aware of what you’re charging when you attack the airport stall catering to the same. There are good ones and then there are some ‘eh’ ones. Stalls are generally your emergency stop to get a souvenir but for the keen planner who wants to buy something of lasting importance and value you’d best head into town.

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The Worst Travel Saying Ever

When you hear or read this: "Take only photographs, leave only footprints" just grunt a ‘hmmpf!’ and keep going. You have traveled to a whole different location on the dang planet, the least you can do is appreciate it, immerse yourself in its cultural and traditional intricacies and, duh-doy, get a souvenir as reminder.

Photos are great and all, but you didn’t pay all those big bucks to go to a whole new nation or city and not be able to bring back a memento.

Different Kinds Of Souvenirs

It can be anything, people. There are some classic favorites like, um, miniature Eiffel Towers and mini Statues of Liberty, a bottle opener blessed by the Pope (no kidding), a watch modeled after Chairman Mao and other tacky souvenirs that are actually kinda cool to own, when you come to think about it.

There are key-ring collections with those cool nation-specific icons hanging from the ring. Snow globes with awesome designs reminiscent of the place you’re in are another superb souvenir choice. Then you have the simpler ones, namely flags to pin onto your backpack.

Sophisticated souvenirs include antiques, under which you have weapons like swords and daggers, tables, footstools, ancient etchings and more. Fashionable clothing as souvenirs are cool, especially when bought from cities like New York or Paris or Milan (among other famous metropolitan cities). They make quite the memento, dontchya think? Then there are shoes and accessories to add to that shopping list.

Expensive showpieces as souvenirs are another great option. These include porcelain and crystal figurines, hand-crafted objects that reflect the local flavor and hand-woven carpets and other fabric-based beauties to adorn your home or wall.


What Is The Ultimate Souvenir?

There are none. It all depends on your perspective. What you see as the best souvenir is the one thing that reminds you of a whole bunch of happy memories every time you catch sight of it. That should be, in anyone’s opinion, the ultimate souvenir of all.

For instance, if you and your partner were to kiss near the Eiffel Tower (pardon the mushy example) then a miniature of that infamous landmark will fill your heart in so many ways, being your ultimate souvenir. If, on a parallel note, a mini version of the Giza Pyramid is your best buy then you probably have a memory of discussing its mysteries for hours on end with your best friend/travel buddy.

Bottom line is your ultimate souvenir is anything that resurrects wonderful memories to mind and makes you look up into empty space and smile.

Buying Souvenirs For Family And Friends

A bottle of wine from Paris or Italy, a Hummel figurine from Germany, native hand-crafted jewelry from Africa, an international Christmas ornament, shot glasses or other liquor glasses that can be used more than occasionally, a kimono from Japan… These are but a few examples of thoughtful souvenirs for family and friends.

Get items that don’t break easily. You’re gifting close and dear ones a souvenir or two, the least you can think of beforehand is to make sure they don’t feel bad if human error comes knocking and knocks the thing off its perch.

Figurines, hand-blown glass and other glassware like vases and flower holders are obviously delicate souvenirs. To gift these you must make sure they are packed quite securely. There are several different packing options, most of which should include bubble-wrap in some design or other and plenty of external layering. Shipping large souvenirs to family and friends with a mail-seal like ‘handle with extreme care’ will lessen your chances to encounter accidents during your trip back home.


Be sure you’re getting something the person you’re buying for can use often or see often. Also make sure you’re purchasing age-specific souvenir gifts and not something the person you’re gifting will appreciate only years later. That takes the fun out of things, because nobody can really tell what can happen years later or where that person will be at that future time. It’s best you get them something they can admire and appreciate now, in the present.

Quick note: Please let your gift be legal! Drugs, firearms, ivory, furs, certain tribal medications etc. are not souvenir gifts worth giving because they come at the expense of something endangered or harmful to mention only a couple of factors. Plus, you wouldn’t want to face jail term in a foreign prison, enough said.



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