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There’s good news for all you pet lovers out there. Even since online shopping gained popularity and made its mark as the people’s number one choice for when they desire a nice relaxed shopping experience right from home, all stops were removed and everybody got in on the game. That includes pet products, where the first fact we all want to hear is the cost of their products when compared to quality. Time of delivery takes immediate second.


Having a German Sheperd myself, a beautiful female named Zara, I had to resort to a quick means of selecting from the best out there. After all, her long hair is going to be troublesome this summer and it’s going to take work to keep fleas off and more besides. She’s worth the effort, though, because dogs make some of the most amazing friends.

Using low quality products or, worst idea of all, soap (!) is not the way to go. In this fashion, each product for pets comes equipped with a purpose, so go for that and not some ill-informed alternative.

Dogspot is the online shopping portal I’m raving on about. In addition to some superb events, news, offers and more, the people behind the site are avid animal lovers who must have gone through immense effort to gather the superb stock of products they have for sale. Before I detail more, be sure to check out site-sections titled Dog Shows, Articles, Q&A and Business, each of which has valuable information you can use for some reason you may have in mind.


The Puppies Available section is, in my personal opinion, one of the smartest most amazing additions any pet-related website can have. Sometimes, instead of buying pure breeds and such like, adopting either a pure breed pup or non-pure breed is a clever idea. The loyalty, companionship and love of non-pure breeds are just as memorable and heartwarming as their more in-demand cousins.

In your hands lies the power to save a life and give a dear pet-friend a home and love, so be sure to give that a chance and see your life enriched. Dogspot is holding a pet adoption week this time round, with some cute furry buddies waiting for you, so click on that page, be open-minded and don’t keep from choosing because you’re afraid you’ll be depressed when you dear one passes away many years later. That’s a corny excuse and one that makes you look insensitive more than someone who’s willing to give a pet many years of love and happiness.

Now, let’s talk pet products. As far as quality and VFC (value for cash) is concerned, I’ll personally say is the go-to site. I once purchased a tick-removal shampoo for Zara, my German Sheperd, as well as a hair-comb. The shampoo worked like a charm—be sure to follow the instructions at the back of the bottle—and the comb really did work wonders with dead-tick removal. Zara came out of her bath looking like a million dollars and as happy and energetic as ever.

dog products

By extrapolation, I can say that’s other products are sure to be efficient, superb and worth your time and money. Speaking of time, delivery can get a bit slow because the company doesn’t always have couriers at hand to take orders around, especially if you’re in a remote location, but they’re never too late and are certain to deliver, so no worries. Product packaging is awesome—I got mine in top-notch quality, no crushing, no cramping and no dents. Their pet foods and accessories are out-of-this-world brilliant—I got a leash and ball for Zara from them and plan on getting a regular supply of dog food from them someday soon (gotta do some research on that front).

With a 30-day return policy, in case you don’t like something you got, free shipping and cash on delivery services and smart customer support, deserve to win awards for the good they do for pets all over India. They give pets so much joy and not to forget how they make pet owners feel.

If you ask me, if Dogspot should be your next online portal for all things pet-related. How can you be so sure my review can be believed? Am I biased? Well, I get nothing from this review, no payment from, no vouchers, nothing, and yet my shopping/browsing experiences with Dogspot has made them unforgettable in my eyes.


This month has a whole new shipment of fresh products, events and more, which I’m going to check out. For those looking for that ideal furry friend, here’s what I have to share: adopt, adopt adopt! It’ll be the best thing you ever did and your new pet will be grateful to you for it.

Image Credit:, Amy Smith, Free Digital Photos.

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