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Fresc Co

A Brunch is a great way to start your Sunday. So, the moment Sonali (Head Marcomm – LBF Foods) informed me that they had a revamped menu we were off to Fresc Co which was on our “must visit” list since the time we are in Pune. You might have read some mixed reviews on Zomato while planning to dine there. However, all that’s going to change and what you’ll be left with are amazing ratings and feedback once people start trying their new menu and look.

The moment you step into the mall this quaint little restaurant decked up in vibrant blue hues catches your attention and holds it for a few minutes. You’ll feel like wanting to step inside just to check out the fun quotient. Well, that’s one more reason why we made our entry.

Upon stepping past the threshold I first caught sight of a colorful rather brightly lit salad counter. Fresc Co specializes in brunches after the English style and has a marvelous spread of food from across the globe.

Fres-Co Ambiance

We began our gastronomical journey with Tapas and wine. It was a wonderful platter of cheese and jalapeno croquettes, baked mushrooms stuffed with cheese, meat balls with tangy outer coatings and fresh melt-in-the-mouth pita with Mediterranean dips. Mm-mmmmmmm!!!

We then paid visit to a certain counter I’d been eyeing for quite some time – the salad bar. It had everything from cold cuts and salami salad to pickled gherkins, shitake mushrooms, veggies and much more. The Chicken and Orange salad was a curiously refreshing dish for me, and I’ll say the same for the couscous summer salad.

The fish and pineapple salad, also in the service option list possessed the perfect citrusy-sweet flavor I’d been expecting. Meanwhile, the sprouts and apple salad spelled health in every bite. Forgive me for not really remembering the names of a few other salads which were equally good, I was so caught up in the ‘foodiness’ I hadn’t stopped to take notes. After all, when you have over 35 to 40 items lined up for your brunch enjoyment, you are bound to forget names.

It was time to sample soups next. The Tomato basil and parmesan soup is the new item on my comfort-food list after I tasted it there and fell in love. No preservatives, coarse tomato puree with the perfect hint of basil and parmesan… Now who can say no to that?


salad counter



Umesh loved the Moroccan chicken broth which was light with a good balance of chick-peas to give it that authentic taste a Mediterranean dish like this should contain. Soups are generally accompanied with soup sticks, lavash and garlic bread, so you again have choices! These breads packed quite a culinary explosion, especially when dipped in the soup I held.

Fresc Co has live counters for pancakes and pastas. We tried the latter in red sauce and it was delish beyond imagining. Super-crispy thin-crust pizzas were also being served with options that included veg and non-veg.

My main course was a basil pilaf and a squid pilaf accompanied by Mediterranean curries. The fish in mustard sauce was the best I’ve had in a very long time and just writing about it here makes me desire it again. The mustard didn’t overpower the dish and helped retain the freshness of the fish, a hard balance to incorporate indeed. The veg lasagna and broccoli in cheese sauce were lip-smackingly magnificent.

If you’re sitting there thinking Umesh and I were gobbling food up like pythons who can’t move after swallowing their prey, you’re assumptions will be off track. We were full, we were happy, we were enjoying ourselves, but we weren’t done yet.

The desserts await! The caramel custard was not overly sweet, rendering it ‘just right’. Then there was the butterscotch soufflé and blueberry soufflé which needless to say were twin delights that will leave you begging for more. The lemon tart stole the show, stopped it and made it glitter and glam. It’s difficult to get tarts right and the chef here nailed it.

Fres-Co Desserts

We tried every other dish served at the delectable brunch and decided then and there that we will definitely be coming back again after partying late someday. Thanks, Rohit, for being the perfect host! You’ll be seeing us often and, who knows, maybe we’ll even bring the family when next we’re all together.

P.S. Priced at INR650+, the Sunday Brunch with a glass of wine complimentary is totally VFM.

Lifestylerr’s Score Card:

Food: 4

Ambience: 3.5

Service: 4.5

VFM: 5

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