Restaurant Review–Courtyard by Marriott, Pune


What better way to start your Sunday than with an exotic brunch hosting over 56 delicacies, one better than the other. Now if you are wondering why you haven’t been to The Courtyard by Marriott before, stop wondering and instead start booking your tables for the weekend. The Sunday brunch at Momo Cafe is not something to miss out on, especially if you’re living right here in Pune. If you have a family and kids, that’s even more reason for you to head to the Momo Cafe.

While mom and dad are having a good time savoring brunch the kids have the time of their lives in Kids Zone specially made to suit their enjoyment needs. The Momo Café, has taken special efforts to ensure kids will want to keep coming back to this place. And why not, the kids’ zone has so much to entertain them from tattoo artists, pottery lessons and a magician to face painting, nail art and tons more. The kids have their own personal mocktail bar.

For the elders, they’ve got everything a good competent brunch (breakfast and lunch) menu should comprise. Starting from fresh juices to eggs to order, pancakes, crepes and assorted danishes to doughnuts, freshly baked breads, salads, coffee, tea and an entire lunch spread that includes soup, starters, main course and over 22 different types of desserts. Hooffff, what range, I tell you!

The moment you enter this stylish café-restaurant you are greeted with fresh coconut water or if you want something hotter tea in a matki (mud cup).


Sunday Brunch at Momo Cafe

The Thai Fare

You need a generous appetite of you are to taste each of the items on their menu and truly appreciate them. The Wild Mushroom soup was a perfect start and followed by soft and succulent Bhatti da murgh, Peppery Chicken Wings and honey-glazed potato wedges,that last one being lip-smackingly crispy.

The beef salad was a delight, so many yummy flavors blended ideally together. Not only was the meat cooked to perfection the dressing with the zucchini and squash were a perfect pair-up and rather refreshing too.

If you are at the Brunch and don’t feel like trying the wood-fired oven pizzas you are definitely missing out on a glorious taste-xperience. Made to order with your choice of toppings, all it takes is one bite into a thin crust and you’re in heaven. You’ll even pass everything else over.

The Continental Fare

The polenta was ideal in every way, especially that nice tangy tomato sauce they added in there. The Grilled fish in lemon lacked the citrusy feel but was cooked to perfection. The taste of their Varhadi chicken still lingers in my mouth. The spicy dish is a Maharashtrian specialty and the chef, in my opinion, nailed the taste.

Now if you are wondering, why my list isn’t ending already, all I can say is it really doesn’t. I haven’t even mentioned their live counters. These include a live pizza station, chat section, dosa counter, crepe station, pancakes counter and a few more yummy ones. We tried the blueberry pancakes and instantly fell in love with them, oh you have no idea. The pancakes had authentic blueberry preserve and not some artificially flavored syrup. This imparted a superb not-too-sweet flavor to the pancakes, exactly as they’re supposed to taste. Served with a dollop of whipped cream these are a veritable treat and one of the best I’ve had in Pune.

The Indian Fare

After a little photography and tête-à-tête with Hanisha and Manasi we were off to play ‘hunger games’, so to speak, on the dessert counters. I have high standards when it comes to desserts and I was secretly praying that the ones being served will taste awesome. The way they were presented was top notch, practically beckoning me to come closer.

The Strawberry Panacotta and Praline and chocolate pastry were Umesh’s favorite. I loved the orange mouse, the pineapple strudel, baked yogurt and pineapple mousse. Then came a most popular number, the Tropical Sundae, which turned out to be totally refreshing with a beautiful touch of grilled pineapples, bananas and orange slices going in.


As mentioned in my previous posts, Umesh and I expect and appreciate good hospitality in any dining establishment we plan on eating at let alone reviewing afterwards. That said, we cannot stop raving about the hospitality at Courtyard By Marriott. A big thank you to the ever-charming and friendly Rohit, Akash, Yogendra, Manasi, Hanisha and, of course, Director- Food and Beverage Jay Chugh for joining us and making the experience even more memorable than I’d expected on entering.

For those who are already waiting for Sunday, here are details to help with your planning:

Place: Courtyard By Marriott, Pune City Centre

Rates: 999 + taxes (without alcohol).

Now for the Lifestylerr’s Score Card:

Ambience: 4

Food: 4

Service: 5

VFM: 4.5

Bon Appétit!

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