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Friends, Food and lotsa Fun. That about sums up our experience at BluO Pune. While they invited us to review the global cuisines at Pepsi BluO Pune, they were also set to propel our experience to a new level. The lip-smacking snacks and delicious food coupled with a bowling match among fellow bloggers and friends made it a Sunday to remember.

BluO - Rhythm & Bowl

Pracey and Farookh from ‘Carpe Diem’ gave us a warm greeting. They were responsible for organizing the Bloggers Meet at PVR BluO Pune. When I stepped in, the magically blue interiors were one of the first things to capture my senses. It rendered the ambiance amazing. Loud music playing in the background shed a party atmosphere. It was all so high spirited and wonderful,

We could hardly wait for the bowling match to begin. I felt it would be awesome to indulge in one right now when I felt so piqued by the overall magnificence of BluO Pune. Bowling is big here. With over seventeen bowling lanes, you can imagine the extensive space they allocated to the game. While it brought the perfect gaming mood, BluO Pune also has a few secluded lounges and private seating areas where you can enjoy a meal with a friend or family.

PVR BluO Pune Bowling

They also gave Karaoke a space to call its own. Boy, did we enjoy it or what. We were lucky to have our food served right there in the Karaoke Lounge. I don’t know if the fellow bloggers in the lounge took to our croaking, I mean singing, karaoke. But I’m sure they expected to see all kinds of singers, especially the worst. :P It’s karaoke, after all. Anyhow, none of it matters as long as you’re having fun.

Back to bowling… Once we geared up with the right sized shoes, we were off to compete against each other and see who tops the match. I was amateur to the whole bowling thing and after a few pathetic rolls, I managed to knock down all the pins in one go. Yippee! Chilled beer, breezers and innovative snacks accompanied our bowling time. What more could we ask?

We were served the BluO Special Nachos, which were fresh and crisp and loaded with cheese. The Sheesh Taouk with a desi twist came next. It’s essentially Chicken tikka served with warm pita, harissa and egg white mayo – lip-smackingly delicious and the star-choice of our day. I just adored the soft succulent chicken wrapped in the soft pita with fiery harissa. This one’s a must-eat at Pepsi BluO Pune.

PVR BluO Pune Bowling

PVR BluO Pune Bowling

PVR BluO Pune Bowling

PVR BluO Pune Bowling

Next, the Chinese BBQ chicken landed. Another winner! On the other hand, the hummus and falafels were nice but a tad bit salty. The garlic bread platter with salsa, cream and onion toppings was average; the same could be said for the Chicken Satay.

Besides the food and fun, one point worth mentioning is that BluO is wonderfully liberal in terms of their bowling package offers. I remember going to actual bowling alleys in Pune where they don’t permit anyone but the person who paid for the session into the alley. Everyone who wants to be in the match has to individually pay. Sounds like a capitalist agenda, if you ask me.

What if someone tags along just to cheer their friends, perhaps roll once or twice and get back to enjoying the company of dear ones? It would be kind of silly to ask they pay the whole package just to hang out with their close ones. At PVR BluO Pune, a group of friends can buy a bowling session and enjoy turns or just sit around and have fun. Not only did I find that awesome – kudos to the management who came up with this – I also feel this will be one of the main attractors at BluO Pune.

My fingers demanded rest after a few rounds of bowling. It was time to head to our Karaoke corner where lunch would soon be served. There was the traditional Kheema Pav, Ajwaini Fish tikka. The lattermost dish lacked the ajwaini taste. Delhi Style Aloo tikki served in the shape of spring rolls came along and were decent. The Cajun fried Chicken was nice too, the chicken being coated in beaten rice (or poha) that packed a nice crispy bite.

The thin crust paneer pizza was a common item here. It was essentially margherita minus the loads of cheese topped with paneer and onions – not much to my liking, I admit. The Malaysian style Khowsuey was interesting and promised to be a filling meal.

PVR BluO Pune Bowling

PVR BluO Pune Bowling

In the lunch course, the Thyme Grilled Chicken Breast is an absolute winner. With mashed potatoes and veggies on the side, this one sure is a satiating meal. Since I was too full, I didn’t try the chicken lababdar and rotis. We concluded our meal with a brownie and hot cup of cappuccino.

It was a beautiful long afternoon with loads of fun, camaraderie, karaoke, bowling and all the memories times like these help forge. I will not soon forget my time at BluO Pune where they created magic while keeping their patrons in mind.

BluO Pune

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