Pune Bloggers Meet 2013


When Animesh from Pune Blog In announced the Winter edition of the Pune Bloggers Meet 2013 my joy suddenly seemed to know no bounds. It was going to be my first ever Bloggers Meet, so believe me when I say nothing could stop me from attending it. I marked my calendar in bold for the 10th of November 2013 for the first Pune Bloggers Meet of this year.

Pune Bloggers Meet

Speaking of, I have been blogging for more than a year now (mostly on lifestyle related topics) and hence never got an opportunity to get in touch with other diverse Pune Bloggers except a couple of Food blogger. In addition to Animesh who organized the meet the credit for the bloggers meet in Pune also goes to Out of the Blue, Pune who agreed to fill the role of hosts for the event.

Feeling a bit apprehension that I might be the first to arrive and have nothing to do, I entered the Out of the Blue premises. Guess I was wrong, because I was delighted to see that many bloggers had arrived way before me or on time. Totally impressed by this bunch of rather punctual Pune Bloggers, who respect time as much as I do, the introduction round began.

It was nice to see bloggers of all age groups and from various fields come attend, each excelling in what they do. Most of them were working professionals, especially from the Tech field, who blogged to express their views on topics other than technology as a means to relieving stress from their ‘monotonous’ everyday work.

Pune Bloggers Meet – The Rendezvous


Pune Bloggers Meet - Out of the Blue

Pune Bloggers Meet - Minus 18 Degrees

Pune Bloggers Meet

Pune Bloggers Meet

Popular bloggers like Vikram Karve, Animesh, Diwakar Narayan, Nikhil Narkhede and others had attended, organized and connected with each other at the previous Pune Bloggers Meets. For some of us, it was our first time at such an event and we were short on words.

During our rendezvous, Out of the Blue served up sumptuous starters. Loved the Hariyali Fish (basa coated with mint and coriander) and the paneer delicacy. The falafels didn’t taste like they should have, though, but the chicken red eye wasn’t half bad. Though food was never the main agenda of the Pune Bloggers Meet, it was hard for me not to take notes on the presentation and the buffet spread. Sorry people, some things are just inbuilt. clip_image002

After a round of inspiring speeches and beautiful poetry narrated by a couple of fellow bloggers, we interacted with the directors of Out of the Blue and Minus 18 Degrees. Those who are familiar with the popular E-square Cineplex might also know where the impressive Out of the Blue zone is. As for Minus 18 Degrees, this place, which claims to be the first dessert lounge in all of Pune, opens its doors to the city on 23rd of November. So get that sweet tooth ready to have the time of its life.

Back to the bloggers meet… I connected pretty well with a creative young lady Tara Nair, an SEO consultant Jitendra, Chirag and one of the most experienced bloggers in the circuit Vikram Karve. It all happened over lunch.

I’d love to share my Out of the Blue review in brief here. The Sunday buffet spread coursed along average lanes. The only delicacies that impressed me were the Spaghetti Aglo Olio. I won’t forget dessert. The Tiramisu and Lemon Cheesecake both possessed perfect textures and the brownies were divine. I couldn’t stop myself from feasting on a few slices. Since Minus 18 Degrees is not fully operational yet, they served us their signature Sundaes. They sure did impress most of the bloggers.

While driving back from the Pune Bloggers Meet, I was ruminating over my interactions and conversations and realized that a casual tête-à-tête could indeed turn out to be an immensely fruitful learning experience. I am now so inspired and looking forward to many a future interaction with fellow bloggers here in Pune and, of course, elsewhere.

Image Credits: Sriram, Tara Nair.


  1. Bhakti, indeed it was a very interesting meet. Well portrayed in your blog.

  2. Lovely writeup – look forward to more such blogger meets

  3. WoW! Nicely narrated the entire experience. I am glad to have my name on your post. Thank you so much Bhakti. I met you on that day and came to know much about you, you are adorable and gorgeous. Hats off to your talent. And a nice read I must say. Looking forward to meet you soon :) God bless!

    • Same here Tara. I wish we weren’t separated by massive distances. I would have met you often. Nevertheless, we’ll meet soon. Want to learn so much more from you.

  4. Such meets are surely a relief from our busy lives and it allows us to energize ourselves and blog with fresh energy.. With a great company, the meet was a success!

  5. After reading your post, there is only one thing that i can I MISSED A LOT! Glad to know you had fun.I missed it coz i was out of town and wasn’t checking my indiblogger acc. and when i finally checked & wanted to register…………the registrations were already closed! Hopefully i don’t repeat this next time.

  6. Awww….I wish I could be in Pune ….

  7. We will be glad to host you often…. Vrushabh …

  8. Bhakti thank you so much for referring my name here. I am glad that I met you there. You are very good blogger too. Pune bloggers meet was good experience for me. Looking forward for more cooperation.

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