Pick That Perfect Pair Of Shades—For Men


You know them as sunglasses, you call them ‘coolers’, but do you know to pick the right one to suit your look, your face, your physique? A single pair of sunglasses can make or break your look, so, guys everywhere are better off taking some time, like right now, to check out some options so they can choose with new eyes.


Remember that for men, unlike the fairer sex, displaying your eyebrows isn’t the way to go about it. Let your sunglasses just touch your eyebrow-line and not leave too much space between it and the top-frame of your shades. Now go ahead and explore the different types of shades for men, and see if you come across something that can transform your entire image into a thing of awesomeness.


Wayfarer: These look a lot like reading glasses only far more stylish. They’re neither too big nor too small and aren’t all that wide, making them quick to match most attire and simple to wear.


Metal: You’ve probably seen a lot of these around. Their design will have incorporated plenty of metallic elements that add sheen, vigor and sleekness.


Sporty: These classic shades are amazing if you choose the right one for you. Getting a pair that suits your skin tone will be a step in the right direction. They make great use of color and slimness, with plenty of athletic curves thrown in, so choose these shades accordingly such that they don’t seem out of place on your face.


Polarized: These dark-tinted sunglasses come with special UV-protection and sometimes ‘power’, so bear in mind that polarized doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as general dark-tinted sunglasses. But they do have that singular look worth checking out.


Rimless: This is great if you don’t want too much attention drawn to your shades’ frames. However, if these sunglasses look attractive enough, they etch your eye-areas and add plenty of appeal. Having no exoskeleton per se allows them room to do this.


Oversized: These are another popular choice, especially among bikers and other outgoing souls. They cover a large portion of your face so be sure you have angular features to complement these sunglasses else you’ll look lost behind them. They add presence and a sense of self.


Nerdy: You’ll be surprised how well these glasses work on some men. Being in the sunglasses field, they come in dark tints but still retain that bookish ‘reading glass’ appeal. This combo isn’t for everyone but works amazingly for those few guys it sits well on.


Aviator: These are the most favorite choice of sunglasses among men. In addition to adding boldness, sex appeal and a casual air, they come in so many different designs it’s hard to opt for most other types out there (My apologies to the rest of the ‘gentlemen’ who came before!)


Well, here you have ‘em, a comprehensive list of choose-away’s. The next step will get a bit more difficult, because now you’ll have to find ‘em, wear ‘em, look at yourself with totally detached eyes and settle for the one pair of shade-type that makes you look awesome. Of course, there are other varieties out there I haven’t covered, so if you happen to try those on and they suit you, who knows, you may just create a trend.


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