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The gifting season is here and all I can do is browse through online gift shopping websites to get something special for someone special. Online shopping has definitely made life easier these days. You don’t even have to worry about the gift wrapping part, there’s an option that lets you get that done through the people you’re shopping with. While surfing through the usual sites, Jabong, Myntra and the like, I came across an exclusive online gift shopping portal called Cherry Tin. One glance and I had to experience the service they offer and follow that up with a Lifestylerr review so that all my readers could check out Cherry Tin when seeking premium gifts online.

Cherry Tin Review

Cherry Tin contains one of the classiest and premium gifts for men, women, corporate business people and kids. With limited choices, it’s quite easy to pick your gift. It has happened often that online shopping websites spoiled me for choices and I ended up buying nothing. Cherry Tin’s ideal choice limits sure made my job effortless.

Now let’s talk about what I ordered. I am obsessed with home décor stuff and whenever I shop online, it’s the second thing on my mind (1st is apparel, of course). Since Cherry Tin doesn’t have an apparel section yet, I preferred to check their home décor collection. I fell in love with some pearl coasters. There was another option in grey too, but I preferred the pearls. They were slightly expensive for a set of 6 coasters, but then again I mentioned a while ago that this was a premium gifts portal and they have only exclusive stuff, so don’t forget that such uniqueness comes with a tall price.

I gifted the coasters to myself just to check how good they are with the gift wrapping and safe packaging and I must say, they floored me with it. I waited anxiously for my order, which arrived within 2 days. After the Blue Dart guy knocked on the door I found a neat packet in my hand. There were boxes within boxes (for secure packing and product alignment) and I had to go past 4 boxes total before I could get to the final product. It wasn’t too bulky, though.

Cherry Tin Review

Cherry Tin Review

The package also had two personalized notes from Cherry Tin, one thanking me for shopping with them and the other had a semi-personalized message card I can choose to include with the gift. These cards were handwritten, with interesting calligraphy, and that’s MIGHTY IMPRESSIVE, because it must have taken some time to personally create such a beautiful yet simple message card.

The gift wrapping was done up with a cute little bow. It was enough to melt anyone’s heart. It showed how much care the team had taken to personalize the whole experience of gifting even if this was just some random customer who had shopped online when they bought this product. I couldn’t have packed it better if I was shipping a gift to my friend myself. So a confident THUMBS UP to Cherry Tin for their fabulous work.

Now let me review the actual product I bought – the set of pearl coasters. They were stylish, classy and attractive, no doubt about that. Pat on my own back for a great buy, if I can say so myself. One look at them and you know they are worth the price you paid. I have already received a lot of compliments for them, and only in a matter of days.

Thanks, Cherry Tin, for the wonderful shopping experience and the special gesture you provided with the message cards and the unforgettable gift wrapping you enveloped this wonderful product in. Now that I am about to start planning Christmas gifts, a few premium gifts for special ones are definitely going to be from your collection.

Hope you soon add a bunch of new products to your catalogue to enhance the online gift shopping experience even further. Branching out to diverse gifting options will be a step in the right direction, with none of the overcrowding I mentioned a while back. Your gift wrapping options can be extended (for a price, of course) to include more exotic wrapper choices and even more amazing bow designs. You guys are very close to be among the top online gift shopping websites in India. Well, that’s my opinion at least.


  1. […] A shout out to Bhakthi Sharma, whose well known blog Lifestylerr featured an article on CherryTin, and the gift that she received. She had ordered our beautiful mother of pearl coaster set for herself and was thrilled to bits about the entire experience, from start to finish. All we can do is smile and say – thank you Bhakthi! It is reassuring to know that our gifting concept has translated successfully to people like her all across the country. Read her blog about her CherryTin experience here. […]

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