Nothing Better Than a Coupon & a Deal – A Review of


Christmas is here, the New Year follows that and we have a whole slew of festivals to look forward to come early 2015. I don’t know about you but the first thing on my mind is a salary bonus and where I can spend that in the wisest possible manner. Be it personal items, presents or anything else in the range of shopping, few things excite a consumer like coupons and the deals they bring.

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Now, when I headed to Couponada – ‘coz it’s an Indian site and I, well, live in India – the first thing I noticed was simplicity. It didn’t have tons of blaring, hooting, animation-glimmering coupons thrown all over the page like something out of a shoddy online casino site. Couponada had their stuff all neatly categorized and positioned so you can choose fast and get right down to shopping, which is where the real time-consumption happens.

Let me not bore you any longer with my vast and intricately detailed shopping experiences. Read this next part carefully and see if your favorite brand is listed because does indeed have sensational price-dropping deals for you from these fabulous companies:

· Basics Life (one of my favorite fashion brands; my wallet loves them too)

· Myntra (I adore their stock; made me salivate before I hit pay)

· YepMe (some nice fashion choices in this one; this site’s stock is sometimes quite expensive so the coupons and their deals are pretty welcome)

· Food panda (yummy!)

· Vistaprint (personalization just got better)

· Red bus (travel addicts take note)

· Amazon (awesome!)

· Ebay (needless to say)

· Pepperfry (furniture never looked this good nor came this cheap, especially after Couponada is done with them)

· Musafir (cheap flights! Count me in)

· Lenskart (nice shades and spectacles; best range ever)

· Zivame (sexy lingerie for confident women; don’t ask me what I was doing in that department)

· Bluestone (jewelry for your loved ones, the missus or your girl; now you can be cheap and classy at the same time. Of course by cheap I’m referring to your budget)

· American Swan (affordable haute couture, if you ask me)

· Snapdeal (not as popular as Flipkart but has some nice brand choices)

· And of course Jabong coupons (this one is fast becoming popular for online shopping; I spend so long on here I practically haunt the place).

Most people don’t scroll all the way down a website, unless it’s an ‘interesting’ site. But let me assure you that has some splendid info about the way they do things and the content is positioned at the bottom of their homepage. At first I thought it was just another business propaganda to get us to shop with them so advertisers can pay them plenty. But I soon started to understand that what they say is true.

They do indeed save time and money for the customer and I have bought coupon after coupon that proved it. You’ll also learn that deals out deals for more brands than the ones I listed above. For instance, they have Flipkart deals too; and I love Flipkart, that’s another place I haunt.

Now, before these companies start calling in ghostbusters to see who’s haunting them 24-7, do give me company and leap on, grab your deals (they wont last forever) and, if we end up sharing the same experience, then I can confidently say you’ll end your shopping spree with thousands of rupees saved.

I’d like to conclude with something corny like ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ but seeing as how I am slave to the spirit of shopping, I’d rather say ‘Smart Shopping’ and to pull something out of the pages of ‘The Hunger Games’ (with my own personal twist to the line), ‘May the deals be ever in your favor’. Hint: go to

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