My Gourmet Penta – Party


The setting couldn’t have been more awesome. Four friends and their families looking to have fun and all living on the same lane. This makes for one of the best opportunities to craft ideas for a gourmet party and that’s exactly what I did.

The party starts at day and ends at night, one whole day of worthwhile enjoyment to beat the blues of everyday living. All food and snacks came from Kitchens Of India and that made the day even more perfect than it could possibly have been, seeing as how 90% of our food shopping centered on their site. We even got a nice discount for our semi-bulk orders.

Gourmet Party

It began with me speaking to my friends on keeping each of their houses ready. Here’s the outline of how it was all going to pan out: brunch, entertainment thrown in here and there and five differently themed houses hosting, in sequence, lunch, afternoon tea/coffee, some wine tasting in early evening, dinner and dessert.

The first entertainment of the day comprised a thrilling treasure hunt where, after gaining the required permission from the local authorities, we hit the streets and lanes, scouring in groups, every family for itself, as we sought out for goodies which were Kitchen of India Gourmet Gift packs that were way too enticing and made the thrill of the search more satisfying.

Leaving us tired and hungry, we retired to Home 1, belonging to one in the friend-circle. The location being their extensive gardens, no theme was required as Nature weaved her charm. On well-presented tables we found a veritable feast of snacks by way of chocolate and sweets and also some more refined foods like sandwiches. These latter had a little something from the gourmet products Kitchens Of India sold, conserves and jams like Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry & Mint and, for something spicy, Tomato Chilli and Carrot Blackpepper Chutney serving as delish dips. These dips and chutneys offered such a different taste to the regular sandwich fare especially the apple and cinnamon with cheese.

Garden party

Heading to Home 2, decked up with wallpapers, movie memorabilia and other stuff that surprisingly possessed a Hollywood feel, we enjoyed a wonderful home movie, something all the families involved will adore. Seeing as how we had one DVD right outside that screamed ‘play me’, we all viewed Avatar on a beautiful high-def plasma screen with popcorn, soda and crackers with Pineapple Green pepper Conserve from Kitchens of India.

Deciding on playing an exciting game of Family-Monopoly—which we came to call PentoPoly because there were five families involved, when there were really much more players—all of us next ran to Home 3, which was literally next door. We had to take two Monopoly games and use the cash and tokens from both, because of the number of players involved. Enjoying ourselves thoroughly and completing the game just in time for lunch (me being the lucky winner of the lot!) we shifted ourselves to the dining room, made up in a very ethnic-Indian fashion, the theme for no apparent reason making us feel hungrier than we already were.

With mouth watering Kitchens Of India products like Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Mix going into a wonderful home-made Biryani by a family whose native was, no surprise, Hyderabad, and accompanied by an amazing curry made with Paneer Makhani Mix (which was actually out of stock but the Kitchens of India people were kind enough to find and send us) with Veg Pulao for the vegetarian friends, no lunch could have compared to ours. Of course, we had some extras to balance things out that didn’t come from this excellent company already making our special party idea go off like a charm. The dessert for lunch was Hazoori Petha Halwa from KOI again.


Enjoying some nice family time, talking, playing, laughing, sharing memories and helping clean up where needed, we came to tea/coffee time and it was a rather silent affair, more as a form of relaxation than anything too extravagant.

Hazoori Petha Halwa

By the time we drove the fifteen to twenty minutes to Home 4, everybody was a little tired but the sight of cool drinks (for the kiddies) and wine (for the adults) got us back in the mood and we were all back to living a very French day, what with all the food and camaraderie. However, instead of French food, Kitchens of India spiced up our day by introducing that Indian touch.

The theme Home 4 had going for it was rather American, seeing as how the friend hosting this section of our family-party had spent a few years working in Atlanta and brought back a wealth of American experience it seems for just such a day as this. Dinner it seemed wasn’t going to be a light affair and we were all going to worry about calories the next day, but hey it’s a once-in-a-month belly-splurge, so go figure.


The ladies from all five families pitched in to help with dinner preparation, using gourmet magic from Kitchens of India. It’s rather apt we used their products because what’s better than seeing a home-cooked meal exit a homely kitchen, made with products that cater especially to this sort of theme.

From Chicken Chettinad and Paneer Malai to Mirch ka Salan and Dal Bukhara (yet another out-of-stocker we got Kitchens Of India’s understanding staff to help us with), we had a curry-oriented meal balanced with tossed salad, fried potatoes and some steamed rice. We got the maid to do the rotis/paranthas for all of us.

Closing our day was some lip-smacking dessert which was Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa from Kitchen’s of India, ice cream with Mango Saffron Conserve and crushed Oreo cookies, coffee for digestion and a wonderful movie, something the kids chose, namely Star Trek (the first part because they all planned on going for the sequel the coming week). The adults enjoyed the movie with them for a while before dispersing to talk and bond and eventually bid goodbye for the time being and share see-you-tomorrow’s.


The day couldn’t have been more perfect, a family-oriented party that may seem like it took a big bite out of all our wallets when as a matter of fact it was much more affordable than expected. That’s what good home-cooked meals, a desire for true fun and a great shopping spot like Kitchens Of India can do to make a day feel truly well spent. The best part was that even the ladies had a gala time which usually doesn’t happen when you need to prepare all the food from scratch. We all blessed Kitchens of India for rescuing us from the kitchen.

This is my entry for the Kitchens of India contest. Merely writing about this has given me an idea to try it out for real. Now if some of you out there are already planning on a similar party, have fun and don’t forget to choose Kitchens Of India products because they are simply magnificent.

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