Movies Of The Week–25 March 2013


Action/Thriller/Suspense Flick

Stand Up Guys [2012]

Starring Al Pacino (Val), Alan Arkin (Hirsch) and Christopher Walken (Doc), this action-packed movie tracks the life of three friends who, from their younger days, were involved in illegality of all sorts. When faced with the conundrum where one of the friends, Doc, is threatened with the murder of his estranged family whom he still loves and the only way to keep them safe is to kill one of his oldest pals, Val, you’ll find yourself unable to confirm what he’ll do. Such ace direction by Fisher Stevens has seen to this edge-of-your-seat yet heart-warming and not to forget adrenaline-rushing flick exceeding expectations.


Chick Flick

Wanderlust [2012]

Jennifer Aniston seems to have that Midas touch, meaning everything she does turns to gold. This movie is no different where she plays Linda Gergenblatt alongside her character’s husband George Gergenblatt played by Paul Rudd. Suffused with real-life emotions, fun, unexpected thrills, awesome timing where acting is concerned and a comedy plotline you’re sure to laugh out loud as you watch, this is one of those casually executed movies Director David Wain can be proud he had a hand in crafting. The story has the couple tasting a whole new side to life in an out-of-town community away from the travails of New York City life but which tags along challenges of its own and a conspiracy that fits well into the core mold of the tale.

Animation Flick

All Dogs Go To Heaven [1989]

With an animation feature legendary Directors Gary Goldman and Don Bluth have indulged in, you can be certain your time will be well spent. With the voice talents of Burt Reynolds (Charlie B. Barkin), Dom DeLuise (Itchy Itchiford) and the cute little Judith Barsi (Anne-Marie) the plot takes you through the canine way of life but mixed with imaginative flair. Charlie learns, upon his murder by Carface (voice talent by Vic Tayback) that there’s a lot more to life than looking out for oneself. With strong modern-day relevance and memorable soundtracks this is one so-called cartoon that will touch your soul.

Comedy Flick

All Of Me [1984]

Steve Martin (playing Roger Cobb) is awesome. His roles are always a hoot and filled with emotion of all ranges, especially the funny one. Alongside a just as hilarious actor Lily Tomlin (playing Edwina Cutwater), this roll and tumble comedy takes you through the lives of Roger, a successful lawyer, and Edwina, a rich spoiled heiress who’s diagnosed with a terminal illness. What happens when she refuses to go out normally, drags Roger into her semi-madness, though unintentionally, and when a ritual to transfer her soul into the body of a willing young devotee sees to a twist in fate. Edwina finds herself in Roger’s body and vice versa. Well, let the wheels of comedy roll!

Fantasy Flick

E. T. Extraterrestrial [1982]

Being one of those bejeweled rungs on Director Steven Spielberg’s ladder of success, E.T. has you enjoying a surprisingly captivating emotional joy-ride, filled with action, suspense and heart-warming moments, following the life of Elliott (Henry Thomas), a kid who finds an alien left behind by his mother-ship when the situation gets too heated for his kind to wait for him—the Government has found out and were hot on the trail. In his attempts to hide ‘ET’ while trying to understand him, Elliott and ET cement a wonderful bond, with his eldest brother Greg (K. C. Martel) being let in on the secret and his baby sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore) too. Things get heated when the Government knows where ET is put up and when he seemingly dies, with scientists trying to help revive him and Elliott becoming an emotional wreck. Will ET be alright? Will he get the chance to return to his true home? How much will the two best friends feel to be separated when that time comes? You’re sure to cry, laugh, and receive plenty of goosebumps during this unforgettable movie.

Horror Flick

Swamp Shark [2011]

For one of those typical scary stories involving a mutated creature, this flick is actually pretty awesome. With some nice direction by Griff Furst and a gripping score by Andrew Morgan Smith, this movie has Kristy Swanson (Rachel Bouchard) finding herself in an unexpected situation when she discovers her crocodile farm ravaged by something she later learns is a shark, which is impossible in the bayou (or swampland). Sherriff Watson (Robert Davi) is responsible for the whole thing when he tries making a little cash on the side by trading in exotic and genetically engineered animals and the shark, coming out of its stupor, gets aggressive enough to break its cables, sending the metal tank it’s in right into the swamp. The creature is extremely tough to kill and takes many a life before a smart idea puts it down. With good performances by all the actors involved (almost all of them fresh faces) and a plot that, though slightly corny, is sure to keep you interested, this movie does indeed qualify for a nice scare-source.

Drama Flick

The Help [2011]

Tate Taylor has done a superb job directing this movie, filled with real-life pain, concern, doubt and an unmatched sense of resolve during a time when African-American women were treated below what they deserved. Viola Davis’s stunning performance as maid Aibileen Clark, Emma Stone playing Skeeter Pheelan to wonderful perfection, Octavia Spencer giving an outstanding performance as Minny Jackson, and Jessica Chastain playing the innocent Celia Foote, this is one of those rare movies that will change the way you look at your life and never lets you forget the importance of everyone around you. It’s a story about fighting for freedom and justice in a world where it’s pointless to treat some people like slaves when those so-called slaves have far more character, charisma and soul than the people who call themselves their betters.


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