Movies Of The Week–19 Aug 2013


Action/Thriller/Suspense Flick

Wanted [2008]

Cast: James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie

Story: Wesley (James), an ordinary office employee, gets caught up in a global assassination conspiracy spanning decades and following a most curious method of targeting, one that incorporates a mix of dubious purpose and a level of ruthlessness he learns his father was involved in. Attempting to follow in his footsteps and training under Fox (Angelina) for this organization headed by Sloan (Morgan) he bites off more than he can shoot with one ‘curve bullet’.

My Review: The action is awesome, the sound effects ever better and the plot very creative. Angelina gives one of her amazing action-heroine performances again and Morgan’s acting is, as always, sublime. This movie took my breath away, especially during the scene Morgan describes what he and his brotherhood do and how they do it.

Duration: 01 hr. 25 mins.

Chick Flick

You Can Count On Me [2000]

Cast: Laura Linney, Mark Ruffalo, Matthew Broderick, Rory Culkin

Story: Following a simple tale of the relationship between a responsible sister (Laura) and an impulsive brother (Mark) their story heads down dark lanes where the two feel they can’t cope with life in general. However, it’s during this time they also learn to rely on each other to bring themselves back from the brink.

My Review: Nothing short of beautiful. The movie elegantly portrays human emotions in a sibling setting and perfectly balances awkward moments as we’re all known to have now and then. Mark and Laura’s performances are stunning.

Duration: 01 hr. 46 mins.

Animation Flick

Howl’s Moving Castle [2004]

Cast: Chieko Baishô, Takuya Kimura, Akihiro Miwa

Story: As with most anime feature-lengths this plot follows in that magnificent tradition we’ve come to adore in all things anime, suffused with emotion, fantasy, timing and depth. An insecure adolescent girl finds herself cursed by a witch and her only hope of ending that curse rests with a powerful wizard prone to depression. Joining her in her quest are some memorable companions who teach her a lot of wonderful lessons along the way.

My Review: The fact that they so superbly made high anime-fantasy like this seem natural and captivating is in itself an achievement. I came out of this movie feeling as if I’d been through a whole series with not an ounce of boredom creeping in. The film captivated me beyond my wildest imaginings and when the credits started to roll I couldn’t help but feel a part of me had changed for the better in some weird way I still can’t place.

Duration: 01 hr.59 mins.

Comedy Flick

Get Him To The Greek [2010]

Cast: Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Jonah Hill

Story: A rock star who had lost love, cash and reputation on a video song that failed at the charts, Aldous Snow (Russell) finds himself at the cusp of making a potential comeback. Assisting him in this regard is an employee Aaron Green (Jonah) from a music company trying to make an original mark in the industry. The misadventures, beneficial delays and troubles they get into between their meet-up and arrival at the comeback concert are certain to make you laugh out loud.

My Review: Vulgar at times but highly comedic, this movie was surprisingly quite dramatic. There are some pretty fun dialogues and superb chemistry between Russell and Jonah, making for some very realistic performances with life-lessons thrown in.

Duration: 01 hr. 48 mins.

Fantasy Flick

A.I. Artificial Intelligence [2001]

Cast: Haley Joel Osment, Frances O’Connor, Sam Robards, Jude Law

Story: Set in a future when robots attain a frighteningly human level of realism and clone-engineers are making child-robots capable of actually feeling love for the human parents adopting them a lot of protests and ethical issues crop up, leading to a story filled with intrigue, action and conspiracy.

My Review: There are plenty of future-based revelations in this flick, so masterfully directed by Steven Spielberg with an awesome performance by Haley Joel, the kid-actor in this movie. I enjoyed the dark nature of this film and the ideal balance it displays with lighter and life-changing principles. The way the film flows you won’t think it’s fantasy, which is what I felt, learning so much about what it means and feels to be human, on many more levels than one.

Duration: 02 hrs. 19 mins.

Horror Flick

What Lies Beneath [2000]

Cast: Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Katharine Towne, Miranda Otto

Story: The lakeside Vermont home owned by Norman and Claire Spencer (Harrison and Michelle) starts showing classic signs of a haunting but it’s not the house itself that reveals such symptoms. Rather, it’s the water working under the supernatural sorrow of a victim who becomes the root cause of their troubles. To find out the reason why this is happening to them and to help resolve it turns into a near-fatal adventure for the two of them.

My Review: Frightening indeed. I was at first surprised two big names in Hollywood like Harrison and Michelle did a horror movie together, which isn’t exactly the norm. The movie sure did benefit from their excellent performances, turned out to be most realistic and quite scary.

Duration: 02 hrs. 09 mins.

Drama Flick

The Queen [2006]

Cast: Helen Mirren, James Cromwell, Alex Jennings

Story: Portraying a segment-biopic of the present Queen Elizabeth II during the tumultuous time when Diana’s death from a car accident led to a lot of blame regarding how the Royal Family wasn’t showing enough sympathy afterward, this movie takes place in a recent-contemporary setting. It was rather well known how the Royal Family hadn’t always supported Diana’s unorthodox approach to charity drives and world travel for the same. These moments and more are well captured in this elegantly directed film.

My Review: Where Meryl Streep is the greatest American actress, I personally feel Helen Mirren is the British counterpart. Her performance alone was absolutely marvelous in this movie and it stuck to the truth, which is what such films should be about instead of some sensational glamorized version of what ‘could have been’ just because such a powerful personality as the Queen is involved. I loved the overall honest portrayal as much as Helen’s acting prowess where she so perfectly captures the emotions of a misunderstood Queen.

Duration: 01 hr. 38 mins.

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