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Pronunciations, mispronunciations and alternate pronunciations are obviously three different things. The American and British versions leave us all confused and to add to the confusion comes French. What a tough task it is to understand these. We all can follow either versions as long as we pronounce the words correctly. While alternate pronunciations are passable, mispronunciations are not. Imagine a fashionista walking up to you and bragging about her “Channel” (Chanel) bag. BLASPHEMY! in the fashion world isn’t it?

Fashion pronunciations

So if you don’t want to find yourself in a fix, just like part 1 and part 2, I have a set of words and their correct pronunciations for you. Let’s see what’s your score this time.

BVLGARI – No. Don’t try and pronounce B and V together to get this right. It is BULGARI or (BUHL-guh-ree).
BEAUTÉ – A French word for beauty, it represents a famous cosmetics brand too. Besides, you will see a lot of spas using this word too. Don’t call it Be-You- Tay. The correct pronunciation is (BO-tay)
GIVENCHY – You’ve heard about the brand but a few people I know aren’t aware of the correct pronunciation. It is not Gi-ven-chi but (zhee-von-she)
HERMÈS – If you have guessed it by now, its not “Herms” but (air-mez)
LOUIS VUITTON – We love their bags but the feeling won’t be mutual if you pronounce it is “Loo-is- Vi- Tun”. You need to call it (lou-ee VEE-tonn)
OMBRÉ – For those of you who are not aware, Ombre means shaded. From nails to cakes to clothes to wall colors, this word is trending. However, don’t call it “Om-ber” it is (om-bray)
YVES SAINT LAURENT – Most people get the pronunciation wrong. I did to when I first heard the name. Say it loud for a few times and you will never forget it (eve sanh la-rahn)
ACCESSORY I hate to say this but many people still call it “ass-ess-or-y”. It is actually (AK-SESS-OR-Y)
DOLCE & GABBANA -  Often whispered as “dole-say” and gabbana, it’s (dol-che) and gabbana.
HAUTE COUTURE Don’t go to a fashion show and say “hot-ko-ture” pleaseeeee. The designers might just kill themselves. It is (oat koo-toor)
VERSACE – I’ve heard people call it Versass and I couldn’t stop giggling. For all those friends, I mean good – the right way to say it is (ver-sah-chee)
CHANEL – No it’s not the TV channel with an “N” missing. It’s a reputed brand and its called (Sh-ah-nel)


  1. Quite informative!

  2. Why don’t you do a similar post on some of the most common brands in all categories? That’d be nice.

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