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I am back with my help-list detailing commonly mispronounced words. The last time I passed the food words test with a good score, but the list that follows was a tough one to handle. There are so many words here I have been using for ages but, unfortunately, have pronounced them wrong each time. WHY DID I DO THAT? I heard everyone pronounce them that way and I guess I got used to the sound.

get it right

Thanks to this blog post idea I finally discovered the correct way to pronounce these words. Sharing them with you completes my task. Let’s see how you guys fare!

And by the way, did you know that it is PRO-NUN-CIATION and not PRO-NOUN-CIATION. I knew this but I’ve heard a few people get that wrong. Let’s shape up on our speech skills. Read on…

1. Suite – I am sure you’ll get this right. Just in case you don’t it’s (SWEET) and not SUIT.

2. Cache – Not sure if you know that this one is correctly pronounced as (CASH) and not CASHAY.

3. Larvae – Another commonly used word especially if you are studying biology. So what’s the correct way to say it? (LAR-VEE) and not LARVAY

4. Draught – Don’t confuse this with the word “Drought”. This is correctly pronounced (DRAFT). I was embarrassed when I assumed it was Draught beer only to realize it was pronounced ‘draft beer’. In fact I thought others were wrong when they were in fact correct about this.

5. Awry – Whereas we women love the “AWWW” word, the word ‘Awry’ isn’t “AWW-REE”. You call it (UH-RYE). I have definitely got this wrong each time.

6. Gauge – Whether it is a measuring instrument or a judgement of someone’s feelings, the word is pronounced as (GAY-JE) and not GOGE.

7. Debris – ‘Debris’ – Now many people may assume this is a plural form of debri. We’re all wrong who thought that. Whether it is singular or plural it is spelt Debris in writing and pronounced (DEBREE).

8. Vase – We all have at least one at home. But did you know its called a (VAYS or WAYS) and not VAAZ

9. Dais – Have you ever been called on the “DIE-US”?! I hope you didn’t go coz it must be called a (DAY-IS)

10. Zealous – Well, if you just add an us to zeal(zeel) then you are wrong here. it is (ZEL-US) and not ZEELUS.

11. Lettuce – I have to get food in every post of mine or I’d regret not doing so later. So do you ask the seller to give you “LET-USE”? Time to get it right, people. you say (LET-ISS)

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