Light Up Rural India –An Initiative Targeting National Change

There comes a time in everyone’s life when their personal problems fail to outweigh that of other people’s across the globe. Imagine this…

  • In one of thousands of villages in India there are a bunch of families trying to make a living.
  • Mom tries to balance cooking, cleaning, chores and a small scale industry she worked hard to learn.
  • Dad is tilling the fields with other men, working just as hard to get a good harvest and fuel the nation’s food supply.
  • The kids are studying for their exams, hoping in time to be the best at their subjects, enter a good college, get into respectable jobs and earn enough to keep their families secure in future and lift their nation up in the realm of academics, knowledge, research and discovery.

lighting up

Great things can come from anywhere and from anyone. All these villagers living in India are seeking a share of the happiness pie through hard work and education.

Now imagine this…

  • There’s no electricity for 5-6 hours every day.
  • Mom’s work gets even more stressful
  • The kids find their studies terribly affected
  • Any hope for the use of technology in the fields and at home are threatened.
  • There is increased chance, especially in such rural settings, for families to face snake bites, dengue, malaria and other life threatening circumstances and illnesses, all because they have no good lighting to run their lives with.

Even an ordinary city person will panic once the power fails them and they find their work and livelihoods being affected. We have it so much easier than the majority of India’s population residing in rural areas where about 80,000 villages do not receive any electricity at all and approximately 300,000 villages do not have electricity for more than 5-6 hours daily.

This crucial initiative to ‘Light Up Rural India’ isn’t meant to tug on your pity strings nor is it aimed at getting anything out of you for no reason by making you ride waves made of sanctimonious words. It is in reality a Wakeup Call, something that will shake us to our core and make us realize that no matter what the world thinks about India it’s in the hands of Indians to transform our country into a powerful productive machine that, as the decades go by, will become a superpower in its own right.

lighting rural india

It can start from simple beginnings, namely the villages that add such rich diversity and possess the source for a lot of raw materials and skills that could help elevate this country to global standards. After all, much can be changed by changing the standard of living.

The main idea on the discussion table is Solar Power. Not only is it the future it’s also 5-10 times brighter than kerosene fueled lamps and, here’s the most amazing part, there is little CO2 emissions given off by it. Thousands of hard-earned rupees will be saved through not using kerosene (a major contributor to CO2 emissions), resulting in 55,000 kgs of Greenhouse Gas emissions being offset. If India can’t set the standard while holding such a magnificent chance to do just that, then what’s left?

Here are some impacts of this initiative:-

  • Villagers have more time to productively carry out their activities and keep to their schedules.
  • Women can extend their working hours, which includes housework, small scale work, etc.
  • Farmers and villagers can walk through village roads and farms without fear of mishaps through snake bites and other serious accidents.
  • The impact on students in rural settings is beyond obvious.

There’s no telling how much solar lighting will benefit the villages spread across our country. What is freedom, what is evolution and what is progress if we the people of India do not help lift each other up when positive progress is this close to happening?

Today we face the issue of rural settings. By lighting up rural India all of Indian society benefits by watering an idea that will blossom into something so beautiful only time can truly display its effect, impact and influence on the rest of the world.

This Diwali, step up and light the lives in these villages while you light your homes. It’s a small contribution with a large impact.

Join the initiative to ‘Light Up Rural India’.

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