Lifestylerr Turns Two


On this second blogoversary for Lifestylerr, two very apologetic bloggers stand trial for gross negligence and avoiding the call to sit down and write for an awesome blog made for awesome readers. The case opens with Joshua Mercott saying:

2 year anniversary

“I’m sorry for not being a good blogger. My debut fantasy novel is nearing the end of the finish line, so to speak, and I was busy giving it all the attention I could. By the way, ‘A Chance for Darkness’ could well be coming this winter.”

As the judge rolls his eyes at Mercott’s blatant self-promotion, the case continues with Bhakti Sharma saying:

“Ever since I joined Greencart—you know, the e-commerce company for health foods and yummy easy-on-your-body bites—I haven’t found an iota of time to sit on Lifestylerr. My sincerest apologies.”

Despite her charm and feminine wiles, the court rules: ‘Guilty no matter how big those puppy dog eyes get. Joshua, yours looks diabolical so you’re guilty simply because of that!’

Anyhow, here we are, two criminal bloggers saying sorry to all our readers for the massive and apparently unforgiveable lack of attention we’ve given Lady Lifestylerr. It’s time to get back to writing no matter what.

And on this scintillating second blogoversary, we send out positive energies to any and all readers, people who are bored and scouring the internet for a casual time (no, I don’t mean that, you naughty person!), those who are looking forward to a new blog, and for all those who are yet to make up your minds…

Happy Second Year Still Alive, Lifestylerr. It’s time to take you far into the realms of awareness, knowledge, laughter, ooh, aah’s and whatnot, and to do it all in STYLE.

Get back to reading, have fun, we hope to see more readers who will inspire us with their comments, well wishes and, well, whatever else you can throw at us—no rotten fruits or eggs allowed.

Bloggers Bhakti and Joshua have their handcuffs removed and are sent out on parole. People are keeping a keen eye on these two to see if they’re going to resume construction in the blog-dimension going by the name of Lifestylerr.

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