How To Plan A Halloween Party – Party Themes and Ideas


It’s Fun-Frolic Time This 31st October

Happy Halloween

Be spend-smart when it comes to this particular holiday celebration. You’re going to want everything to look amazing but that ‘everything’ could cost a lot if you don’t shop properly for the Halloween essentials. Here’s an idea of what you’ll need… Since it’s hard to shop for these Halloween essentials here in India try going online, or find select stores that do cater to this event or just have ‘em homemade.

1. Costumes: These are the ‘main ingredient’ in any Halloween celebration. Have a tailor who’s skilled in this stuff work on your to-wear costumes. At least find one who understands what you need going where. You can go as anyone and anything, not just vampires, demons, zombies, spooks and such. You can don the guise of famous celebs, get into a cool superhero costume or anything that captures your fancy. If you can pull off the look you’re good to go.

2. Decorations: Pumpkins carved with varied facial expressions (preferably wicked, lol) and lit from within with electric or candle lighting and placed in select locations inside and outside your home are one of the top traditional decorations for Halloween. Add cool bat wall-to-wall spreads, spider webs hung here and there, dark drapes and enchanted lighting, buckets of chocolate and candy and plenty of cool sound-effect using objects and funny traps placed here and there and you have some awesome decoration capabilities.


3. Music: Go for anything. It used to be the case that Halloween has spooky music or some traditional favorites that include creepy soundtracks and so on but these days anything goes. If you can dance to it and have yourself the best partay ever, you’re fine.

4. Party Favors: Be sure to buy at least two small party favor gifts for each of your guests/friends/family to take with or keep for themselves. It makes the day memorable and it promotes a fresh hope for a better Halloween next year. Some of the people who came to the party will help contribute something to help smoothen your Halloween plans for next year because they had such a great time at this event. Besides, the party favors make them recall all the fun and frolic they had.

5. Treasure Hunts: These work on all occasions. Imagine a treasure hunt at night in a residential colony (after the proper permissions have been gotten). There’s no end to the awesome fun you can have. The thrill of the hunt is sure to get your blood boiling for victory and ready for a great time back home when the treasure hunt is over with.

Halloween party

6. Other Party Games: Aside from treasure hunts you can play all sorts of games you can think up. It all depends on what everyone, or the majority of you, are in the mood for. You can play anything, stay in costume or get some off, based on the game in question, lol.

Just have fun. Halloween is a day when they say the spirits come out to roam the Earth and that’s the main reason why people get into costume, so they can fool the spirits into thinking they’re one of them and prevent harm coming to them this day from any supernatural causes.

October 31st has a sinister history, something I don’t want to go spoiling the party mood with, but the holiday feeling Halloween brings is nothing short of magical. Perhaps if more and more people start celebrating it here in India we could make it a National holiday someday.

Imagine what Indians can do with our party craze, decorative sense and the thousands of opportunities our diverse culture offers us. We can render Halloween a holiday even the nations that founded it will envy and replicate.

Happy Spooky Party Halloween, Everyone!

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