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Teleshopping mushroomed in India in the 90s and has been growing ever since. Infomercials or teleshopping commercials were shown at odd hours on TV – we all remember those crazy 20-minute or less sell-a-thons that kept repeatedly showing the same pictures but sold some pretty interesting products with an upbeat narrator constantly speaking in the background. HomeShop18 teleshopping has now entered the scene in a bolder fashion and is changing the game altogether.

HomeShop18 is India’s first 24-hour teleshopping experience channel. It provides intricate details of a diverse range of products. By using the toll free numbers, you can call and order the product being displayed.

Homeshop18 Teleshopping review

Online shopping is a norm these days, so this HomeShop18 teleshopping review looks like nothing out of the ordinary. However, how much can you rely on a picture alone? That is the question we’re going to explore. As every online shopper knows, there are times you may want a 360-degree view of the product you’re looking to buy and to check if it comes in different colors and compare prices. In other words, we all want an offline shopping experience online!

The HomeShop18 teleshopping channel gives you similar opportunities as you would have if you happen to go to a store or the mall to shop. I find the teleshopping concept a great step for people who are skeptical about online shopping. I decided to give it a try and then do the review on the blog.

Another reason for me tapping into HomeShop18’s teleshopping experience was that I have worked for an e-commerce portal before that worked with infomercials. I recall when we used to receive calls from customers for product enquiries. I’d always wanted to understand the thought process behind ordering a product after watching a TV commercial or an infomercial featuring it.

Why did I choose HomeShop18?

No real reason, simply that it was the only teleshopping channel that came to mind when I decided to blog about this experience. Of course there are plenty of other networks I also liked. But I was especially attracted to HomeShop18’s offers and the wide range of products they displayed, from lifestyle to technology and more besides.

Homeshop18 Teleshopping review

HomeShop18 Teleshopping Experience – The Start

To choose the right product and the best deal they had available for it, I had to watch the channel for a couple of days so I can gain an instinctive idea on how to shop through this channel. A special offer like what the B.O.S.S (Bumper Offer Super Saver, broadcasted at 11AM everyday) had going for it was very appealing but I wanted more.

It’s not my fault I love to have an assortment of options when I shop. So I watched for 2 days until I found something irresistible A set of 5 bags at an unbelievable price.

The feeling that you get on a great deal while shopping is unmatched. Hence, this HomeShop18 Teleshopping review, which is my way of showing appreciation for the company in question.

I went on to order the "Traveler’s Delight Hi Five Pack by Voyage" for INR 2499/-. The actual cost of this collection of traveler’s 5 bags from Homeshop18 is INR 4295/- and it came with an INR 200 discount by way of shopping vouchers which I can redeem in my next haul.

HomeShop18 Teleshopping Review Of

"Traveler’s Delight Hi Five Pack by Voyage"

It includes:

1. Duffle Strolley (20”)

2. Duffle Bag (19”)

3. Duffle Bag (19”)

4. Backpack (18”)

5. Travel Pouch (10”)

Homeshop18 Teleshopping experience

Though Umesh was skeptical about the quality of this item, especially considering its drop-down price, we were rather thrilled to see the actual product when it came in the mail.

Let me start by stating the very crux of this review… The teleshopping experience was incredibly smooth. Fortunately, the phone lines weren’t busy despite the fact that it was a toll-free number. I was attended immediately by an agent who placed my order pretty quickly. Anyhow, he confirmed my order and mode of payment after which he informed me that I’d receive an SMS with the order number and other relevant details; much like how it happens with online internet shopping, isn’t it? Only this was a whole different experience and had its own set of eye-catching offers.

The product arrived in about 3 days from the time I placed the order. That kind of delivery time is very impressive. Joshua, my co-author and friend, made it a point to let me know this, because he was going crazy waiting for three items to be shipped to him by Yebhi (an online shopping portal) and that it’s been almost a week since the time he placed his order with them. Apparently, teleshopping has one up on some of their internet competitors.

Homeshop18 Teleshopping review

Homeshop18 Teleshopping experience

It came in a well packed cover. However, I must admit the box inside was not in a good state., Then again, on the brighter side (breathing a sigh of relief here) this state did nothing to damage or devalue the product itself. The "Traveler’s Delight Hi Five Pack by Voyage" reached us in perfect condition. You will definitely get what you see on the telly, making this the best part of this entire Homeshop18 teleshopping experience. You see it on TV just like a friend or salesman is showing you the product, detailing intricate details from zippers to handling and then you take your decision to make the purchase and all’s well from there.

This HomeShop18 teleshopping review is primarily meant to highlight the benefits of this form of shopping versus online shopping. I have a lot of friends and family members who dread online shopping for umpteen reasons, so this review can help them and others out there who are feeling just as doubtful about the triple-w. I am comfortable with both shopping types as long as the deal is impressive and they have good bargains.

The "Traveler’s Delight Hi Five Pack by Voyage" will be for my trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Wish I could have field-tested it in Goa, where Umesh and I went a week back.

What are your thoughts? You’ll find the comment box below. What is your preference and why? Are you into Online Shopping or Teleshopping? It’ll be great to round off this post with input from people and their personal experiences, adding to the information value in this review.

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