Handy Gift Ideas for Husbands

Gift for MenGift buying for your loved ones is a common activity during the festive season for all families. Therefore all gifts are special. However, for wives, the gift for her husband is always very special. A gift for your husband is actually an expression of love, care and warmth you feel for him and so sometimes you may get confused with what is appropriate.  The gift, like all gifts, need not necessarily be expensive, but must evoke memories of something special or something that he really wanted or is passionate about. Budgeting also holds the key, but do your homework, jot down various ideas and you would be well on your way to selecting a wonderful gift for the man in your life.

I start planning at least a month before the occasion so that I can come up with good ideas and can keep checking for those items whenever I go shopping.

Choosing gifts for men is slightly difficult as the choices are limited. So here are some ideas that can make buying gifts this festive season easy.

Game tickets

Sports Tickets: These are usually a great gifting idea for most men. But, do buy 2 tickets to his favourite sports team. The choices are varied and it depends on what game your husband likes. Also, when gifting game tickets, you need not wait for an occasion. Just gift them when the games are hosted in your city or the closest location.

If you do not enjoy the game as much or even if you do, giving away the 2nd ticket for his friend is truly thoughtful. Let him have a boys’ day out. Put the tickets in his bag or tuck it in his laptop. You can also wrap it along with a new sports jersey of the same team which he is a fan of.

E-Gadgets: Most husbands are tech junkies and your man would love to have a new tech toy. However, if he has a hobby of photography or amateur movie-making, a nice digital camera or camcorder would be fine. This can definitely help him take his hobby to the next level. You can also gift him a tablet or the latest phone. If he is young at heart and still loves his video games, then a play station is also a great idea.

Gift Basket For him

Gift Baskets:  These are perennial favourites and you cannot go wrong here. Fill up the basket with chocolates, candies, wine, champagne and roses perhaps. Make it personalized, by gift wrapping it in a manner which has items concerning his hobby and interests. You could include customized mouse pads or coffee mugs, books, a stylish pen, headphones. Insert some memorabilia and inscribe his name in a special manner and your customized gift is ready.

Special gifts of love: A handmade gift is always treasured for a lifetime. Some ideas are making a pillowcase from a collection of his old shirts or mix it with your old night shirts. You may consider making his days special by writing 30 of your special together memories and place them in a jar form which he draws one each day. More of such unique ideas are simply joyous to your man.

Prepaid Trips: You may consider prepaid packaged hunting or fishing trips for him and his friend. This can be jointly planned and split between 2 wives wherein their husbands can go together. You can join too!

Massages: Like women, men too love their massages. A gift certificate for a year’s worth of massages from a professional salon is a wonderful gift idea. It spoils your man a wee little bit and he would find it fascinating.

BBQ set: For men who love to cook, a stainless steel BBQ set and associated utensils would be ideal to spark off a series of BBQ parties, which he will relish.

The trick here is to look at gifts that the husbands appreciate, rather than what you think is great.  Do also factor in that the gift should be fun and not indicate work. Consider what husbands like to do in their free and leisure time and you would have an ideal gifting answer.

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