Good Old Lemons – Everyday Things Used In Extraordinary Ways, Part 2


Lemons aren’t merely great as juices, apparently. Their influence has reached far and wide, helping thousands of people battle everyday inconveniences which, without good old lemons present, would have been one helluva nuisance to manage.


1. Dire Dandruff: Getting rid of that scaly-itchy dandruff-colony on your scalp can make you spend hours in the personal grooming section of department stores, fishing for that perfect bottle of dandruff-remover. It’s best you hop to the produce section, get some lemons, go home, get a few tablespoons of its juice onto your scalp, rub and rinse, then mix some lemon juice with water and rinse again with that solution.

Not only do you come out with lemony-fresh scented hair you get rid of itchiness and, in a matter of days or perhaps a week or so, your dandruff too.

2. Nail Cleanse: Call it polish, call it shine, call it cleaning, call it ridding grime, your nails and lemons are a great couple. Half a lemon juiced and added to warm water creates what some of you may consider a magic potion that, after a 5-minute fingertip-soak, you can rub some lemon peel over and watch as the shine glides in.

3. Micro-Grime: A lot like your stove, your microwave has the tendency to gather grime too. Removing that has you buying expensive lotions and sprays you can instead do this: 3 table-spoons of lemon juice + half a cup of water (find a microwave-friendly cup). Place it you know where, turn the microwave on for the next 5 minutes as if you’re cooking something.

Open, give it a minute to breathe and take a rag to the insides. The grime comes off like a charm, all thanks to the lemon juice condensation working universally better than any chemical-spray or lotion.

4. Crafting An Ambiance: All you’ll need to spread some enchanting midsummer-garden scents lemon scentaround your home is a pan of water brought to a simmer, some lemon rinds (the skin or peel) thrown in, cinnamon sticks, orange peels and a little clove. Place the steaming pan somewhere where the aroma can spread. Don’t place it under a fan or in an air-conditioned room or the scent won’t linger.

The same can be done for your refrigerator. Get some cotton balls and soak them in lemon juice before placing them at strategic points inside your fridge. Leave them there for at least 10 hours and you’ll smell the lingering effect. By the way, while you’re at it, throw out the stinking stuff you have in there.

5. Litterbox Woes: Got cats? How ’bout pups? Well they’re cute little things, the both of them (at least to a lot of people) but they sure do create a mess and the mess I’m referring to is four letters that spell p-o-o-p.

Even if your pet uses the litterbox or some poop-designated area (!) the smell can be hard to throw out even after the source has left the building. Take two lemons, cut ‘em in half, throw them in the litterbox and all your troubles are gone with the wind.

6. Elbow Scales: No, this isn’t a point for literate lizards to apply. It’s for those people whose elbows have those hard and sometimes painful scales or darkening effects. A nice mixture of lemon juice and baking soda (moderate amounts of each) act like a superb exfoliator, making it easier to get those terribly unattractive scales off and one step closer to smoother elbows.

You can now understand how lemon juice can act as a disinfectant on open wounds like cuts and scrapes, soothes rashes, removes warts and brings relief to rough hands and feet, all because of its natural properties.


7. Burning Sunburn: Keep the harsh slaps of sunburn off you (especially when you run out of other things like aloe vera or, as I mentioned in a similar blog post, ice), have 3 lemons juiced up and mixed into 2 cups of water. Next, take a mini-bath using a sponge to apply the liquid onto the sunburned area. You’ll find your skin is soothed as well as disinfected.

Some of you have skin-types that can get rid of age spots and freckles by applying lemon juice directly to the area and leaving it there for 15 minutes before rinsing. Some of you can even lighten your skin this way, so it’s great against tanning too (like ice, mentioned in a similar blog post)

8. Under-Arm Stain Removal: Lemons work magic on stains like these. Instead of wasting time and money sending your shirts or tees to a dry cleaner and facing the humiliating process of them having to remove your underarm stains, rub a lemony solution (1/4 cup of water + 1/4 cup of lemon juice) onto the stained area, leave it to soak for a while before washing and, as long as you’re no mutant whose underarm stains are impossible to get rid of, you’ll have clean stain-free clothes to use again soon.

In like fashion, you can replace chlorine bleach with lemon juice, which is milder and just as effective on delicate clothes. Soak your chosen attire in a solution of lemon juice and baking soda for half an hour before washing and you’ll see some superb results.

Speaking of washing, adding a cup of lemon juice into your bucket or washing machine will serve as a natural bleacher, whitener, stain remover and scent enhancer for your clothes.

And… Speaking of clothes, long-packed ones attract mildew, which you can scrub off more easily using a paste made from lemon juice and salt, coating the affected area with it and leaving it to dry in the sun (repeat for a few days, based on mildew growth levels).

9. No More Insects In Your Kitchen: Use a tough blender to mix 4 lemons along with their rinds (skin) with 2 liters of water. Take that solution to the floor to keep those fleas and roaches away. Next, take a spray bottle and fill it with lemon-water solution, squirt it on your windowsills, door thresholds, and other similar places to keep ants out.

10. The Ultimate Metal Polisher: Whether it’s aluminum or chrome (relatively less with other metallic items around the house), cutting a lemon into half and using one of those halves to scrub the metal in question before rubbing it with a soft cloth (making the swift polishing action, mind you) transforms any old-looking metal item in your home into something worth admiring.

Marble, primarily on floors, can also do with a lemon-cleanse. Marble, as I myself made the mistake of knowing, isn’t stone at all but petrified calcium, which is how it gets stained so easily. A half-cut lemon slice touched to a layer of salt and scrubbed vigorously along the marble tiles helps. Be sure how long you’re supposed to do this (it varies with the marble) because the acid in lemon juice can harm the tiles in question.


11. A Tale Of Potatoes, Cauliflowers And Rice: These two veggies have the tendency to go all brown on you while being boiled. Adding just one teaspoon of lemon juice into the pan while you let them boil will have those veggies come out looking like they’re meant to.

So you open that cooker’s lid a tad bit and find your rice sticking to each other like some bar fight gone bad… a spoonful of lemon into that boiling space is all it takes and you’ll see fluffy non-sticky rice leave the vessel.

12. Mouth Freshener: Since lemon juice freshens up so many other things, it can do the same to your mouth. Take a large gulp directly from the bottle, bear the sour explosion on your taste buds, and swallow for better and longer-lasting effect.

Lemon juice contains citric acid which veritably changes the pH levels in your mouth. For all you dummies out there (kidding!) the bacteria in your mouth is killed off this way. Also, if you’ve consumed something too spicy and are having a tough time, squeeze few drops of lime on your tongue. It’ll help you feel better instantly.

Be very certain you rinse your mouth with water after only three minutes spent sloshing the lemon juice about in your mouth, otherwise the acid can harm your tooth enamel.

Image Credit: made-in-china, Free Digital Photos.


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