Go Woody! – How To Decorate Using Wood Items

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Wood is a wonderfully natural means to decorate. Of course, since we’re dealing with decoration, faux-wood (artificial wood) is awesome as well. You’re probably thinking, ah well I’ve seen tons of this kinda décor and it gets boring with age. Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s simply not true, especially if you woodecorate with all the right pieces, using the right shade of wood for the lighting you have. You’re going to learn all this here and now.

How To Decorate Walls Using Wood

Panels, plates, custom-designed shapes… These are great things to paste on your walls. Although you can indeed do this yourself it’s best you hire a professional to apply the layer you’re then going to stick the wood panels on.

What are wood panels? Well they’re like tiles only manufactured in arty designs. You’ll find a lot of faux-wood pieces for wall décor like this available out there. Remember:-

  • If you’re going to go for actual wood it will be expensive.
  • For the sake of its integrity the tile or panel will have only a thin layer of wood on its outer surface, which if scratched or marred in any way will look terrible so make sure you know what you’re buying.
  • Small kids at home? Staining, breakage and cracking is very much possible as your tots play around, so don’t blame the kiddies if or when something happens to your wood-walls.

Other than that you’re good to decorate. Here are a few ideas:-

a. Your wood wall will especially go great if you can afford a nice waterfall feature behind glass.

b. A well lit fish tank placed before a light-brown or beige-wood wall will be awesome to look at, especially in dim lighting at a party you’re hosting at home.

c. Offices take on a roomier more natural air if wood-paneled walls are chosen as the décor idea.

Woody Decor

What Kind Of Lighting Must Be Used For Wood Walls?

1. If you have white lighting go for darker hues with nice texture so it gives off that sensational coarseness and shadow play effect. Dark browns, deep grey’s, charcoal-like hues are some examples of wood-décor panels for walls that look great under white light.

2. Yellow lighting is highly complimented when you have lighter shades of wood, like bamboo-hues, white-desert-tree wood choices and very light brown bark-textured panels.

Wood Décor As Show Pieces

Leaving walls behind let’s check out what household show pieces you can use made of wood.

Glamor and glitz can be beautifully highlighted especially if you have wooden items placed in shiny settings. Whether it’s dark or bright your room will look splendid and balanced with wood show pieces placed in areas where you have a lot of shine, reflection, color and other feminine stuff. All you need to make sure, ladies, is that you choose small dainty wood items to showcase else your girl-corner will appear over-crowded and unattractive.

For men, blue walls or red ones before which you place wood figurines are a great way to go. These figurines or statuettes can be a bit expensive—you can find some cool ones in antique stores—but it will be worth the cost when you see how perfectly they bring out the appeal of the whole room. Here are some ideas:-

  • Ancient swords attached to wood wall-pieces
  • Treasure chests that look beautifully exotic and old-fashioned
  • Small desktop wood pieces fashioned after animals and/or people.

These are great ways to decorate for dudes who want to incorporate wooden show pieces in their living space.

Girls, needless to say, don’t usually opt for wood pieces but rather glass and crystal-ware. However, the more delicate and feminine your wood-item choices the better off your living space will look ever after years.

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Wood-Décor Curtains & Other Unconventional Wood-Décor Ideas

a. Bamboo is often the go-to option when it comes to thin wooden curtains or window covers. You must have seen these in hotels and restaurants where they bring out the theme of the place so ideally. No, they aren’t always oriental to look at. Younger men and women’s bedrooms will look superb with these thin-wood ‘drapes’, especially made of bamboo wood.

b. Carpeting, along similar lines, is available in thin smoothened wood sheets that look and feel great on floors. However, as far as cleaning goes, they can be quite tricky as it will require some scrubbing and special cleaning-liquid use.

c. Wooden cupboards are the norm these days, but you can have a professional strip away the outermost wood ‘sticker’ on the cupboards you do have and opt for something else put on to enhance the effect of such a prominent thing taking up wall space in your room.

d. Wood centerpieces in halls, from small tables to foot-stools, are splendid choices as they add an exotic and sometimes ethnic touch to the space.

e. Have some wood-based portraits, especially of animals or scenery, on hall walls or along the walls of your corridors or above the doors to rooms and you’ll see just how beautiful they look.

f. Wood clocks, memorabilia, pen-cases, stands, hand-fans etc. all add to the elegance wood décor brings to your residential and office spaces. Get them under the right lighting, before the right wall colors and in the perfect placement and what you have will be nothing short of magic.

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How To Keep Wood Items Clean

Unless they’re those curtains or carpets or wall-panels mentioned earlier, wood show pieces can simply be dipped in a bucket of soap water and a simple scrub with a toothbrush will get the grime out.

Important: Just be sure to dry it as soon as possible else the wood will face damp-damage or mold will find ripe setting to grow over time. Best be on the safe side.

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