Gifts for Him – Christmas Gift Ideas Part 2


Christmas Gifts for Him

You may be assuming there aren’t many gift options for dudes as there are for women. You could be wrong. There are several different prezzies you can gift a guy this Christmas. All you have to do is think simple. The more complex the present, the less chance there is for him to like it. Present him with something he finds wonderfully complex (like a gadget) or down-to-earth simple. It’s his mind you need to think like now.

Speaking of simple, don’t be surprised if some Christmas gifts I mention are similar to others. Men are unique but we aren’t too unusually different from each other. So, a couple of Christmas gifts for dads might be similar to a couple of Christmas gifts for husbands and so on. It doesn’t mean this writer has run out of ideas, it just means he’s trying to make it easier for you to gift a dude the right thing this merry season.

Go ahead… Explore the different dude-types below, see which category he falls into, and use the examples in that category to help you shop.

Christmas Gifts For Husbands

Wives, take note… Creating a romantic setting for your hubby this Christmas is a great prezzie idea, one that he will definitely adore. However, think his kinda romantic, not your more feminine version.

Whereas your husband will love to do something for you on your birthday or on Valentine’s that constitutes as ‘girly’, keep a Christmas gift for a husband something he wants and that caters to his masculinity. This I leave to your personal sense of lovey-doveyness, including ‘themes’ that are sure to stimulate him. Bringing back some magic this Christmas is a great way to make a man feel young and Casanova-ish again. Yes, men like to feel young too.

Now, actual Christmas presents for husbands include…

1. Grooming products – From hair styling items, facial hair grooming like electric razors and style-trimmers, shampoos with a scent that is certain to refresh him, combs shaped or colored to suit his favored preference, shaving related products, general maintenance products, carry-on grooming kits (if he travels from place to place and is looking to fix himself up before an important meeting)… You probably got a good idea for Christmas gifts from this brief list.

2. Gadgets – Be absolutely certain when you approach this genre. Your hubby may like a gadget or technology, and he will have something very specific in mind.

Be as scrupulous when it comes to gadgets for your husband. These can include anything at all, from e-readers, phones, watches, remotes and tech-oriented cleaning kits to quick-fix toolboxes, tablets, pc/laptop accessories and not to forget toys…

3. Toys – Toys for men, as funny as it may sound at first, include a bunch of non-kiddy things. Men don’t really grow up and that’s a cool trait, actually. It helps keep us young at heart, adventurous in spirit and always imagining something new.

Collectible car or plane toys that suit the adult preference are one example.

Gaming, a close cousin to toys, can have gifting ideas like golf clubs, tennis racquets or other sports related gifts.

Love of video gaming may not have left your hubby. Buying him a game he likes on his favorite gaming client will go a long way in his book. Make sure you know what you’re getting him. He may most probably have put up games he wants on his ‘wishlist’ in the game client of his choice (e.g.: Steam, a popular gaming client).

If he has another game platform (ps3, xbox, wii etc.) which he shares with his kids (if that’s the case), then you can shop for games/accessories along those lines.

Gifts for Him

4. Fashion – Belts with cool buckle designs, ties in a color he doesn’t own but would like to have in his collection, shoes, shirts (preferably not pink, yellow or orange; sorry, but I simply had to say that), pants (he may not prefer something tight or warmth retaining like jeans, so be sure you know what to get him in this department) and, if he’s into bikes, biker gear. These are all great fashion gift choices for your hubby this Christmas.

There’s no shame in admitting this next part. Since he’s your husband, shopping for socks and undies aren’t out of the equation as long as you get him stuff that he won’t find boring or uncomfortable.

You’ll be surprised how many wives don’t really know what their husbands like in the fashion field. Granted, he may choose something totally offputting to wear at times but there are other instances when he might land on a rather stellar fashion choice. If he doesn’t have it, get it.

5. Exercise – If your husband is into exercising and staying fit, buying him Christmas gifts that compliment this calling are a great way to encourage him to keep at it. Goals are very important for a man and challenges, even more so.

Getting him goal-oriented exercise products will do him a world of good. Renewing his gym or swimming subscription is another great gift idea.

6. Hobbies & Passions – Getting him tickets to his favorite game is a cool gift. Shopping and/or restaurant vouchers he can use to go online and buy something for himself is also a cool choice. Serveware or a cookware set for a man enthusiastic about this field (like a chef friend) is yet another idea you can take advantage of. Spa therapy vouchers, tickets to a vacation destination… These are some examples of gifts for men that are sure to make him love you for it, as long as you know that’s what he wants for Christmas.

If he plans on spending time with the rest of the family and he wants you there with him, then a vacation to another place altogether will be a bad gift-idea. Just saying… Again, keep in mind, get him what he wants and not what you want. Christmas is all about giving and spreading joy, so please don’t take these words as an insult to the bond you share with your hubby but rather as a clear idea on gifting him something cool and memorable this Christmas.

Now that that’s over, I must get honest with you… You won’t find me listing ‘new’ ideas in the following sections. I’ll just put in some notes for your reference, but the main bulk of ideas have just gone by, above, so scroll up anytime.

Gifts for him

Christmas Gifts For Dads

Dads love formal presents, especially if daddy-yo holds a key position at office. Get him something he can draw inspiration from when he’s at work. These can include…

  • Table-top quotes
  • Table-top accessories
  • Computer related accessories
  • A statuette that holds meaning for him, especially based on a powerful animal that somehow makes him feel that much-needed sense of aggression and conquer at the workplace.

Speaking of which, you can even get him statuettes of famous people or historical personages, if that inspires him.

More personal gifts a son/daughter can get their dad for Christmas will be a gift that reminds him of something he taught you. His heart will be filled with pride knowing you will never forget that lesson. In addition to that, he will feel so good about himself that the very sight of that gift will remind him of what a great father you think he is.

Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends

As I said before, all you girlfriends out there in the world, read the section for ‘Husbands’ above. A lot of your guy’s tastes will rest along those lines. You’ll see what I mean once you give the ‘Christmas Gifts For Husbands’ section above a perusal.

Note of Warning 1: Do NOT get him something that forces or even nudges him to pop the question or think about marriage. Guys love their freedom and your boyfriend certainly loves you. Just give him time to do his thing and let your Christmas gift for a boyfriend be something he will adore on his own and not something you and he can do together.

Note of Warning 2: If you want to get him something romantic, something you two can do together, try opting for something a tad bit more ‘visual and tangible’. To those girlfriends who can’t understand this last part, I refuse to detail anything more.

Christmas Gifts For Brothers/Cousin Bro’s & Other Dude Family Members

This is actually rather easy. You almost always know what your brother/cousin wants and it gets that much easier to gift them something this Christmas. You probably share a lot in common with them, especially if they’re a gamer too. Nothing a little research and read-through of this post’s earlier sections can’t help with.

Gifts for Him

General Christmas Gifts For Him

Expensive Christmas Gifts For Him – Watches, phones and gadgets fall directly under this classification. Fashion as well, but not as much as the former. Think quality, think big-bucks, think rich and powerful and, if you’ve got the budget for it, get the man what he wants.

Although actual store shopping is awesome for this one, try going online and getting him something that has ‘dollar’ value or a gift from any other foreign site. One example (and I mean one example) can be where you’ll find some pretty awesome goodies to gift a dude. He’s bound to enjoy things like this. (Just make allowances for shipping and customs costs).

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For Him – There are literally thousands of these out there. I suggest online shopping for this one. Indian sites are easy to find in this regard, so I’ll provide a foreign one in keeping with the example that came before. Check out:

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Him – Try making this ‘gift-type’ an addon to an actual gift you’re getting him for Christmas. Guys love meaning and koochi-woochi stuff, but not so much as girls do.

So if you’re writing him something special, like a poem or whatever, or you’re planning on making something meaningful for him, your ideas are super. Just make sure you get him something he will really love and then add this meaning-filled prezzie to that.

Men aren’t insensitive or incapable of emotion, no way, we’re just free-spirited, adventurous, open minded yet logical and love getting presents from those who care about us. Have fun getting him something awesome this Christmas.

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