Get the Perfect Cuts – Six pack abs workout

Want an impressive body that you can flaunt around? I am sure you want to because it is all about the famous and desiring six pack abs. Every man loves it and so does every woman. I am sure you agree with me. So get going and follow the steps that you should implement to work out to attain six pack abs.

Perfect absDo crunches: Do crunches folks for that impressive body. For six pack abs workout begin with lying on the ground with arms on the chest or hands must lightly touch the temples and make sure they should never be behind the head.

Now bend your knees and raise the upper torso and go up to your knees. Make sure that you use only your abdominal muscles to get this right otherwise lifting yourself with the back can cause severe strain.

Initial flexing that is done while you raise your shoulders is the most important part of this exercise. As you rise upwards from the ground, breathe out through the mouth and finish with a gasp once the shoulders are raised above the floor. Then hold the position for a second when you reach the top and breathe out while you flex your abs.

Now lower the back down slowly and breathe in through the nose only till the shoulder blades are in contact with the ground. Your head must not touch the floor.

Sit ups: For sit ups begin with lying on the ground with feet on it, knees raised up and hands on the chest in crossed position. Feet must be held down steady or can be tucked under something heavy. Now start lifting your lower back upwards till you are in a sitting position.

Now keep your back straight. Resume the normal position again and repeat. Once you get accustomed to this type of sit ups, increase the level of difficulty. Get an inclined bench or use weights while doing sit ups. You can keep increasing the weights as per your capacity.

Sit Ups

Leg lifting: Lie on the ground, position your legs straight and outwards with your hands placed at the sides. Now without bending the knees raise your legs upwards to make an angle of 90 degrees or close. Now the legs must be lowered and this must be repeated in such a way that they do not touch the floor.

You can try different versions of this exercise by using a medicine ball for leg lifting or hang from a pull up bar and then try lifting your legs upwards in the front.

Jack knife sit ups: For six pack abs workouts this is one more type of sit-ups called jack knife. Begin with lying down straight on the floor placing your hands by the sides. Now lift your knees and torso upwards in such a way that your face as well as knees is aligned with your pelvis and also the ceiling.

The position must be such that you are able to kiss the knee when in the top position. Right now you will be positioned like a jack knife where your feet are closer to the hips. Now return to normal position and repeat the exercise.

You should be in a posture where you can kiss your knees at the top of the motion. Your legs will automatically fold bringing your feet towards your hips, very much like a jack knife. Lie back down and repeat. Don’t let momentum bring you down instead slowly put your hands and feet back on the floor.

Static Holds: Six pack abs workouts can be done perfectly by static holds. First begin with the push up position but your elbows must be on the ground and the whole body lays flat. This position helps you in training your cores and also holds the entire body in place. Being able to perfect the position of static holds is a mark of abs strength.  Try holding this position as long as possible.

Beginners should aim minimum 45 seconds to begin with.

Besides this, give a look to the book “The Truth about Abs” and read it of course for more fitness tips and a healthy body!!

Just do such workouts religiously folks and get those strong six pack abs for sure!!!

Image Credits: stefanpinto, hectorir


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