Etiquette For Elegance

If you have sloppy table manners, you’ll never know. It’s the unfortunate person sitting with you who will, and God forbid it’s a beautiful woman. Just so you know, when they said some women like it dirty, they didn’t mean the way you eat in public. When you hone your table or dining etiquette, elegance automatically takes over and you come off as rather attractive. Simply because of that, check out the simple stuff you can do—or not, depending on how you approach this—to look more…evolved.

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                                                            For Guys

Slash The Slurping

This is a no-no. It does nothing to make you seem masculine. It puts people off. Even if you’re sitting with other dudes who happen to be your friends and watching a game with them, they’ll be put off the second they hear the slurp. Meaning, slurping is a terrible habit. This is one of those things you can learn to get over only with practice and this begins at home, even if you have to try each time you get a glass of water to drink. Try sipping not gulping and see where it takes you from there. Keep in mind a slurp sounds terrible when you’re in the company of a lovely lady at a nice restaurant and when the soup arrives.

Watch Where You Wipe

It’s extremely easy to wipe a small drop of something on your pants, especially if you’re wearing something dark in hue or black. It’s even more tempting to do that on the table cloth dangling off the side. Although these habits are well nigh harmless in the privacy of your home, they’re easily caught in public. Yes, those other people judging you probably do the same things but they make it a point to hide it in public so they aren’t misunderstood for a Neanderthal. If you wanna save your social life, watch where you wipe. This habit has a habit of going rogue and making you do weird things after a while spent indulging it, so best get started on cutting it out.

The Arm Lash

This is especially true of guys who lead a very active life, both at work, at sport or wherever. Their arms tend to show more haste than in other dudes. This means trouble when you’re out dining. All that energy being shot out across the table to get to a dish can be tricky. It’s how reaching for a glass of water becomes a sporting event where the only result is a splish or a splash, and not the fun kind. Try limiting all that speedy movement for work, that game you so adore or other things, because they certainly won’t be lauded at the table.


                                                             For Gals

Stealing A Scratch

Girls, if a mosquito has bitten you and left a reminder, itching it in public, especially if you’re with a guy may seem totally natural to Charles Darwin but the dude sitting opposite you is gonna take natural selection and opt to feel repulsed. It can be near impossible to not steal a scratch, but there are creams and powders for this sorta thing that’ll come to the rescue when you’re out on a date or with a guy you’ve been in love with for some time now. If at all you need to, don’t scratch, just rub the area subtly.

Too Girly For A Guy

It’s the twenty-first century. Guys like their women modern, at least the present generation does. To act all twirly-girly is one of those habits that tend to go overboard with even the slightest use. What happens next is a series of veritable slaps on your date’s sense of self. In short, guys aren’t too much into the girly girl. A second here intended to tease, okay. Another second used to make playful jokes at his expense, maybe, but not all out Barbie-doll. If you get carried away with this when dining out, your seating, eating, speaking and some other ‘ings’ will turn the tables against you. And all your feminine charm, grace and hidden sensuality—stuff you didn’t use—will never be seen or appreciated again.

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Part With Perfection

It’s confirmed, guys hate seeing girls being Ms. Perfectionist. If you are so at home and it helps you keep order and such, you really need to work on ways to turn that switch off when you’re out on a date with your guy. Restaurant tables have this annoying tendency to offer chances for the perfectionistic mind. It’ll make you adjust a napkin here, turn that glass there or even move that plate into an ideal position several times over. Guys notice this sorta thing. They’re more interested in you and hope you like them. On seeing your attentions fixated on other stuff kinda gives them the idea you find them boring.

If I’m to go into any more detail here, it’ll end up making me sound over-critical. I don’t want that, especially since I can relate to a point or two up there. Work on these etiquette pointers and you’ll see for yourself how well your date will turn out. Use the info here to change any other habits you may have but don’t find described in this post. It’s all meant to make you a better person, both in the other person’s eyes and in your own. Good luck.

Image Credit: jaycross, Free Digital Photos.

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