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Spending the day in a decked out mall with hundreds of shops, restaurants, and modes of entertainment can result in a perfectly enjoyable day. However the point draws near when it is time to go home. Not only does this take you out of your little shopping haven and away from all it has to offer, it also makes you deal with carrying all your goods around town until you wonder back to your hotel and exhaustingly rest them down. If you plan your shopping vacation right, however, this doesn’t have to be your reality. Dubai has now become the world’s capital for the mall hotel, an incredibly enticing combination of shopping and comfort. Dubai’s mall hotels’ offer customers the ability to cross the street or sometimes just take an elevator up to find themselves inside their hotel rooms. This helps in completely cutting out the painful experience of toting all those beautiful new products back to the hotel. So where are Dubai’s hottest mall hotels?

Dubai Mall Hotels

Dubai Malls Hotels – The BurJumanArjaan by Rotana hotel at Burjuman Mall

As one of the most chic mall hotels in the world, this hotel mirrors its boutique partner mall with its elegant and new-age style. The suites in this hotel provide guests with separate living areas, a kitchenette, and a balcony in a bright and energetic style meant to match the guests excitement for being so close to one of the best malls in Dubai.The hotel also has a high-tech gym and easy connections into town. The mall offers a range of high-end designer shops like Cartier and Chanel along with a selection of international cuisines.

Dubai Mall Hotels – The Address at Dubai Mall

Although the BurJuman mall may be one of the classiest malls in town, Dubai Mall is still the largest in the world. It’s 1,200 shops span 50 football fields worth of space in a multi-story complex that attracts millions of visitors every year. Finding anything from the perfect pair of pumps to personalized home decoration is a breeze at this epic mall. The Address is the only hotel that has been permitted to open its doors in the near vicinity of the mall, having a prime location across the street from the shopping city. Thanks to its fortuitous location and lavish settings, a double at The Address will set you back $462.

Dubai Mall Hotels

Dubai Mall Hotels – The Sheraton at the Mall of the Emirates

Although seen as not one of the most elegant mall hotels in Dubai, the Sheraton has taken over the 481-room building that used to belong to the hotel Pullman to offer shoppers at the Mall of the Emirates easy access to one of the funnest malls in Dubai. The Mall of Emirates is home to Vox Cinemas and Ski Dubai, the indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert. The mall has over 560 shops, many of which are touting some of the world’s most innovative technological gadgets. Even the Sheraton’s rooms are advanced, providing guests with pressure point easing beds for the most comfortable night’s rest possible. All this is available at the Sheraton for $230/night for a double.

Dubai Mall Hotels – The Pullman Dubai Deira City Center at City Center mall

Arguably one of Dubai’s mall hotels with the most functional design, the Pullman Dubai City Center is an easy option to make the most out of short trips at just fifteen minutes from the airport and only two minutes from City Center mall via underground passage. City Center mall is known for being more affordable, offering outlets of stores like Gap and H&M to serve over 20 million visitors annually.

If you would love to experience the ultimate shopping vacation, why not check out one of Dubai’s shopping paradises that combine sales with comfort? With your choice of ambience and store selection, you might never want to leave your favorite mall hotel in Dubai. For more about Dubai shopping, see CNN Travel.

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